Omni Directional treadmill

Virtual Reality is spreading its wings and trying to touch the new heights. We have seen lot of improvements in VR Headsets in terms of simulation and immersion. From blurred flurry images to full HD, better synchronization and better immersion and simulation.

But the main problem that was coming on the way was  the movement in Real world surrounding. Whenever you put on your VR Headset, you forget your surrounding. So sometimes while hunting a zombie inside the game, you suddenly bumped into the wall, Oops…. So I am talking about these unexpected tripping hazards. So there are companies out there working day and night to making Omni-directional treadmill.

The US Military has been developing these kind of treadmills for  training simulation purposes, but they’re  very expensive, complicated, and large. But some companies are making it more affordable. Let’s talk about two main companies that are venturing into this market that I call virtual reality treadmill market.

                                         1- Virtuix Omni

omni treadmillOmni Directional treadmill


Texas-based Virtuix has developed a far more elegant solution. Its main motto is to  fill the gap between physical and virtual environment, Virtuix Omni has lauched this treadmill to provide unlimited range of motion. There are following features you would love to know about virtuix omni-directional treadmill.

  • Design: The Omni treadmill utilizes a low-friction, concave disc with special shoes so the user can smoothly walk in any direction.
  • Movement: Sensors fit on top of the shoes, track your feet to convert your motion into the game. The harness is same to one used in climbing, with straps around the waist and thighs.  The virtuix omni treadmill platform lets you run, jump, step backwards, strife, and sit, with easy and smooth, 360-degree movement.
  • Compatability:  Omni Treadmill is compatible with any PC or VR headset, including the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. Virtuix is also planning on adding console supports for systems like PlayStation VR in the future.
  • Price: Virtuix has been developing the Omni treadmill for nearly five years. You can order it right now at the just $700.



Omni Directional treadmill

Infinadeck, the omnidirectional treadmill is again back after it’s debut at SVVR Expo 2014. The latest prototype was on the show at CES 2016 in a form that’s half the size, twice as quiet and now includes a harness to detect directional input. We took it for a spin. Its elegant design has a promising future with virtual reality headset. Let’s discuss more about it.

  • Design: The weight of this infinadeck is around 500 pounds with base 35 square feet and noise of motors now also lower than the previous version. Most importantly, it now sports a new, frame-mounted harness, which detects force applied by the user’s body.
  • Movement: The harness interprets movement as input in order to drive the direction of the belts and keep them centered on the treadmill. Leaning at different angles results into the belts moving in the opposite direction at a speed corresponding to that pressure. I mean the further you lean, the faster the treadmill will move at speeds of up to 6MPH.
  • Compatibility: Still the Infinadeck is under manufacturing process. Let’s wait for some more months, we are hoping it to be compatible with all VR App devices.
  • Price: Infinadeck Price might range somewhere between $1000 to $1500 as it is providing the realistic walking experience rather than just fake sliding.

There are many other big companies also trying to make Virtual Reality more immersive and amazing. Let’s wait for some time till these VR accessories come out in the market and give us a better experience.

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