online jobs during coronavirus

Who would have guessed that COVID-19 that began at Wuhan, the epicenter, in China would spread so widely across the globe. It has affected the working class and businesses aggressively leading to an overall standstill in the economy. However, people have started looking for jobs online more than ever. If you have some or even no work experience you can look up here and start hunting for a desired job.

online jobs during coronavirus

1- Freelancing

If you are a student with a little or no work experience you can start looking for jobs on different portals. It provides a variety of jobs on work from home basis. If you have done accounting, programming in java, C, Python, etc you can start applying here. Other than that there are jobs for fields like marketing, animation, architecture or sales. You can try your hand at it. All you have to do is sign up and fill in the details like qualifications, your prior work (if it is published somewhere), your work experience, your area of interest, etc. The platforms are user friendly so you do not have to sweat it too much. Moreover, you can apply for more than one organization and review your applications.

It notifies you about the entire process whether your application is being reviewed or you are selected or not. Once you are selected, the organization will contact you and they might give you a sample task to test your skills and can take you on board. You can start working and earn a stipend along with a certificate which you can add to your resume. Even women willing to kick start their carriers can work. Here are a few links where you can look for work from home jobs.

2- Teaching Online

COVID-19 has adversely affected the classroom teaching methodology and therefore many teachers have opted the similar role online. If you are well-versed with just a particular subject and not the entire curriculum then too there are teaching options available for you. If you would go and search a little bit you would notice people requiring teaching faculties on immediate basis. You can mention your subject or subjects’ you expertise in and the classes you would want to deal with and find a suitable option for you.

Here, your sample work would be your teaching style and if it is seen fit, you are selected for teaching a particular section. You would be helping students to learn the fundamentals of Math, Physics, English, Science through PowerPoint presentations which you can forward them or share your screen with the students teaching them through graphics and books. You can mentor them and keep them engaged while they are at home by giving them exercises to enhance their learning skills. You can also teach extra curriculars like music, art other than the regular teaching subjects. Here are some links where you can apply as a teacher:

3- Working as a Virtual Assistant

Your primary job would be emailing the subordinates and you would be the point of contact for the person hiring you. There could be other jobs like attending and managing phone calls. You can strike a work-life balance with your household responsibilities. You would be working on remote basis attending calls, emailing, writing, editing, entering and compiling data for clients, researching across the internet and micro-managing stuff for your employer as he might be engaged in other activities like talking to the advertisers or raising funds for the company.

He might just handover everyday tasks to you for you to manage with the team and get back to him at the end of the day. The initial period would include training as per your already achieved qualifications. The most needed virtues here, would be how you manage time and co-ordination among the team members. You would be able to make Rs. 400 to Rs. 1500 on an hourly basis. Here are a few sites you can visit:;jobs&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwizmJuK7PboAhWO63MBHWmPDyMQp4wCMAB6BAgDEAE#htidocid=a1JMRWfzfElsbMlNAAAAAA%3D%3D&sxsrf=ALeKk03alpKz8gvjFSCoTI0hciagcW1Rqw:1587380205579

4- Blogging

You can sign up on a number of websites and start blogging. You need to find an area you strongly feel about. It can be anything ranging from politics, environment, fashion, social issues, etc. Setting up a good blog takes time to drag traffic, you have to be honest with your work and persistent to get the click bait. The blogs have to have quality content and can be monetized through product reviews and advertisements.

You can promote your content among the peers and get it reviewed from some expert you know of. Blogs can be of any genre, you need to build your profile step by step and maintain the traction, views, up votes, likes everything matters. You can also promote your other blogs by hyperlink-ing them into your current blog and generate traffic for your lesser viewed blog posts. Try to develop loyal readers, ask your friends and family to read it and share it so you keep getting a basic traffic. Here are a few links, you can check them out.*153mi8m*amp_client_id*YW1wLUdOZTRKa2czWFlUVlI0eXdvR2E1LWc.*aff*NTgwMjI.*cid*ODM0ODI3OQ..&_gl=1*1blv78x*_ga*YW1wLWFNc25kT0FtM29UZmloVWdFc0tkSUE.

5- Content Writing

If you always wanted to write but somehow you got stuck in some other 9 to 5 job, now is the time to change that. You can effortlessly find content writing jobs online and start working with the employers as freelancers, part-timers or even full-timers. If you are already having a primary source of income from your work from home schedule these days, this can be an add-on of your interest and you can commence working and earn a second source of income. They generally have strict deadlines for articles to be followed and you should stick to that.

The quality of your articles decides the pay you are going to obtain. Work harder upon your strengths and enhance the revenue that you obtain. Remember, good writing is always appreciated by good readers. You have to maintain a flow and a trail on social media platforms for your writings instead of just sharing memes and pictures, social media can be put to use for the content you create. Here are a few links you can look up to:

6- Social Media Strategist

Can you imagine spending hours on social media can provide you options to earn as well. Just to pass the time and viewing other people’s profiles is an everyday activity of the social media consumer, a social media strategist needs to grab eyeballs and invest people’s attention span and make revenue out of it. You need to be tech savvy and aware of the features of the popular applications like Facebook, Instagram, etc. 

You need to be multitasking and have a secured internet connection as the prerequisites of this job. You have to work for various brands in terms of enhancing their online presence, making users aware about their platform and being engaged with the users. Your everyday job might entail talking to the targeted audience, sharing articles with them, connecting with various groups and boosting the brand and increasing its followers. Here are a few links you might want to click for similar positions.

7- Website Designing

With social media booming every business has to maintain its online presence and wishes to listed on the first page of Google search. Not all businessmen are aware of the technologies. They have the least idea about front-end and back-end development. That is when you have to bring in your coding skills and make money out of it.  You need to make yourself familiar with the interface that the company uses.

You should have a good command over the front-end languages like HTML, CSS or if you are good at coding then you should be good at Java, Python, C. You might also use Search Engine Optimizer (SEO) for better results. Also your aim should be to make the website user friendly so as to get more users on the page and making the website easy for them to use. Once the website is ready you have to keep upgrading it. Here are a few links that you can visit:

8- Translating and Typing jobs

Knowing more than one language is a blessing in today’s time. It is not just a standard but can be used for making money instead. Here the payment options are per word. You get paid for every word you translate from Re. 1 to Rs. 5 depending on the language. Imagine translating a single page can earn you Rs. 500. If you are good at typing then typing each page could earn you Rs. 100 to Rs. 200.

For some websites there is an initial registration fee valid for a lifetime and you can start working on it and make as much as you want per day. This is a good opportunity for housewives at home and not having much work but have an earnest desire to earn. You can spend an hour or two daily doing it, even if you are having a full-time job. After all, a little more money hurts no one. Here are a few links for you to go through:

9- Become a YouTuber

If you like to face the camera then YouTube can be a one stop destination for you to earn money online. You should be aware of the content you are posting videos on and every 1000 views can earn you money. You need to focus on increasing the popularity of the channel and providing quality content in the form of videos than words. That is the only difference here.

You need to ask your friends and peers to subscribe to it in the beginning making it popular and then you can boost your presence with the help of micro-influencers who would be happy to promote your videos for a negligible amount. Here is the link for you to guide through the process of monetizing your YouTube videos. You can assure yourself that common people like you and I can actually make money out of it and not just tech giants who have their PR teams to handle their online presence. Here is the link to guide you through:

10- Peer to Peer Lending

This is an option of lending money to people or the ones owning small business. However, be aware of the risks tagging along with it. If you have the capacity to lend money to someone but you are a beginner in the field then be smart enough to know who you are lending your money to and do not get into the trouble of lending all your money to one single entity and invite insolvency.

Here, you micro invest into somebody’s business, for different interest rates. Peerform, LendingClub, Upstart, Prosper Marketplace are some of the money lending companies. The good thing here is that the borrower can directly strike a deal with the lender, however, being cautious is the key. Here are a few websites that you can visit and understand how they work, if you are beginner in P2P lending market.



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