How To Play Games In HTC Vive

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How To Play Games In HTC Vive

How To Play Games In HTC Vive

If you want to have the best immersive multimedia experience, HTC  Vive is there for you. It will provide you with the true virtual reality experience. it is the best in class technology for virtual reality.You will have the feel of every moment  that you will go through while playing games in HTC Vive. HTC Vive has sharp visuals and better motion controls.  If you are in the mood to get HTC Vive to your home and enjoy cool virtual reality games, here are some guidelines that will get you through how to play games in HTC Vive.

  • Set Up The Play Area : If you want to make best use of HTC Vive,you should have optimum space. HTC Vive  uses “Room-Space” technology to convert room space into 3D zone.Thus you can enjoy the game more by having freedom to move freely across the room.
  • Install Vive Software: You  have to follow some series of steps to install the software. First,you have to go to and then go to “Download Vive Setup”. Then there will be the chain of windows,you have to click on the “Next” button till you reach final window and press “Done”.
  • Set Up The Base Station :This is the another milestone to be covered. You will get the general instructions to set up the base stations. Following those,you would be able to set the base stations. You have to mount the base stations at a height of 6.5m or above such that the both are in front of each other. Screw them at their place to fix them. When plugged in,they would try to locate each other.If detected,a green light will turn up/Sometimes there can be purple light instead of green, which means base stations could not locate each other.Just adjust them so that the purple turns to green.
  • Plug the HTC Vive headset in the computer.
  • Calibrate Hardware : Now the last step. Click on “Launch Steam VR” ,there will be a window at the bottom. Green icons there represent that all the components attached to system are detected.Now double-click on “Steam VR Room Setup” if you have enough space then select “Room -Scale”.Click Next and you are done with setting up the system

Ready To Play :So don’t wait now, put on your headset and get immersed in virtual world.

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