playstation vr headset

Everything you need to know about Playstation VR Headset is right here! This year is full of anticipation and excitement as we all await Sony’s PlayStation VR. I am sure you have been also one of us who wants to know playstationvr games list. There are many other things that you would be eager to know such as upcoming playstation vr games and playstation vr release date. So, get ready to open the biggest surprise of the vr world this year.


playstation vr headset

Today I will be talking about everything you need to know about PlayStation VR. So, now I will discuss the following with you:

  • playstation vr launch
  • playstation vr games list
  • playstation vr price
  • playstation vr specifications
  • playstation vr release date
  • playstation vr headset release date
  • playstation vr cost

Unleash the biggest secret of PlayStation VR:

PlayStation VR Headset launch

(PlayStation VR release date is 13 October 2016)

Sony announced that PlayStation VR will have a release date in October. At Sony’s E3 presser, the release date was finally decided as 13 October 2016.  Now it seem there are millions of gaming freaks around the world, who are looking very excited about the launch of PS4 VR Headset. So What are you waiting, if you are one of them, Just Go and Order One Today!

PlayStation VR Games List

(best games for vr headset 2016)

As a vr player I will rather see and believe. So, this is a fantastic offer that Sony has come up – PlayStation VR comes with a free demo disc in PlayStation VR store (in the PlayStation vr launch bundle as well as the core unit).  There are many games that are getting launched parallely and holding the gamers attention like Alumette, Gnog, Jobmaster, thumper and much more. But here is the list of top PlayStation VR games list that would take your virtual reality gaming experience at a completely new level.

  • Battlezone
  • Eve: Valkyrie
  • Rez Infinite
  • Rigs Mechanized Combat League
  • Thumper
  • Tumble VR
  • Until Dawn: Rush of Blood

PlayStation VR Headset Price

(PlayStation VR costs £350)

The best part of PS VR is that it’s cheaper than Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. The features are also better than the two offer. I would go for PS VR.  It is new revolution in the world the virtual gaming and we can feel the ripples even one month before its release. low Price of PS4 Vr headset has given new option to the virtual reality gaming  lovers. So let’s wait for its release patiently and we’ll soon get to know what this amazing Playstation headset has special for us.

PlayStation VR Specifications

(Interesting facts about PlayStation VR)

Let’s get familiar with some interesting features of the latest PS VR:

  • VR Worlds will be a part of every package
  • You will need PlayStation 4 Console and camera to make use of PlayStation VR
  • We are expecting 50 games before the end of 2016
  • 100 games are confirmed that are compatible with PS VR
  • PS Move Controllers will be compatible with PS VR
  •  Stock is limited, book your PS VR now
  • It has a better refresh rate, which runs at a 120Hz instead of 60Hz, better than Oculus Rift
  • The headset will connect to the main PS4 system through an HDMI cord. It has a 5.7 inch 1920 X RGB X 1080 resolution OLED display.
  • As far as the look and feel of PS VR goes, it comes with a quick release button so that you can get into and out of the headset fast. It fits different head shapes and sizes.

So, if you want some really great experience at reduced price then nothing better than PS VR. This year, the PS4 Pro (priced at £349, coming this 10 November) will play PS4 games. Although not planned for release until the end of 2017, Microsoft’s Project Scorpio will do the same thing for the Xbox One, but will be slightly higher spec than PS4 Pro. I would recommend PS VR as it entails some amazing features and promises some great VR experience. Let us know your views.

Would you buy PlayStation VR, Let us know in Comments Below.

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