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When you think the era of running games is over you meet with another running game. Populous Run is yet another platform running game but is it similar to the rest of them or some difference lie in this? One can see various features that make it stand out from the other games of the same genre. To look at those differences let us see the detailed review of the game.

Technical Specifications

Genre: Platform, Apple Arcade


Age Rating: 9+

Operating system: iOS

In-App purchases: No, as Populus Run comes with the Apple Arcade subscription for $4.99 a month.


Just glancing at the previews of this game would intrigue one into playing it. Even though various platform games are there to compete with one another the Populous Run still stands out from them. The entire game is based on avoiding the giant fruits which are the obstacles and reach the finish line. There is a difference however, instead of handling one person throughout the game there is a group of people that you need to handle! The game is only available on iOS devices with an apple arcade subscription. The majority of the Apple Arcade games so far have been amazing so there lie great expectations from this one as well. 


Let us start by discussing the most important part of any game, the gameplay. As mentioned earlier the key difference in this game is that one needs to handle a group of people instead of one character. The main aim of the game is to make the entire group avoid the obstacles which are in the form of food items and reach the end with at least one person. If one crashes into any of the food sentients, they end up losing some of their characters. If one loses all of their characters before reaching the end they need to start over from the beginning of the last checkpoint. The creativity level of this game is off the charts, the range of different food items as obstacles is varied. 

Except for the main difference of handling a group instead of one single character the other things are similar to other platform running games such as dodging, avoiding the obstacles, and making sure the characters reach till end. In one way it could be said the game is easier than other similar games as there are more characters involved which ensures greater chances of reaching the end. But the more people you have with you there will be the number of extra losses. The game also includes boss levels which are more challenging than the normal levels. This level includes giant food items and winning this level will get you secret characters that you can add to your current team. 

The goal is to reach the end of the race with at least one runner, and along the route, you can collect other people into your group. The bigger your crowd is the more potential casualties. Keeping an eye on the obstacles ahead is key to making it to the end. 

populus run


The graphics are an important aspect of any game as they are the ones that we have to keep looking at the entire duration of the game. Also, good graphics make it more noticeable and intrigue people to play the game. As discussed earlier the creativity level of this game is quite attention-grabbing. The pastel colors used in the entire game make it quite aesthetically pleasing. The animations although quite simple go well with the entire theme of the game. Unlike other similar games, this one stands out in being subtle and simple. 

Music & Sounds

The music and sound of any game ensure the captivation of the players. If the music is not according to the theme of the game the person playing the game might not feel as connected to the characters. As the creative levels are high in this game the music is also quite cheerful and upbeat. The game has an additional element of making the characters sing on the collection of a new character to the group. 


The controls of any game differentiate it from a frustrating game to a smoothly functional game. If the controls keep irritating the player then obviously one wouldn’t continue playing the game. Usually, platform games do not have many controls and they are basic. Similarly, in Populous Run the controls are through various arrows on the screen which one can use to control the various characters. Most players prefer motion controls where you can just tap and swipe to make the characters jump and move, so the game can be improved in the control division.

Pros & Cons


– The game includes appealing visuals, helps to captivate the users.

– Pleasant and enjoyable music throughout the game, keeps the interest throughout the game.

– Easy and simple gameplay allows it to be played by anyone.

– No In-app purchases.


– The controls could be improved by integrating motion controls instead of arrows on the screen.

– The game is only available for people with an apple arcade subscription.

– The game is not available on Android.

– The working of the game slows down on iPad Pro.


To wrap up the entire game in few words it can be said it is a simple and fun game. This is the kind of game that one can definitely rely on getting addicted to and will make you procrastinate your work. one can also play this game if they have a few minutes to spare while waiting for something that is if you can control yourself from collecting all the characters at once.

The graphics and animation are simple yet appealing to the eye and the music is enjoyable even on its own. The gameplay is fairly easy and simple but quite addicting. The game can be played by a kid to an adult because of the wide range of adaptability it offers.

Populus Run iOS

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