When it comes to Android PPSSPP games, people are asking a lot of questions that include rockstar, football games, harvest moon, hulk, harry potter and sometimes java games as well. People are mostly looking for low size compressed games which are of low MB (less than 100 MB). There is every genre of games available here which includes racing, sports, horror, and others. Here in this article, we’ll provide you the download link as well so that you can directly download the game without any glitch.

In the racing category, games like need for speed, NFS most wanted, Moto GP, San Andreas, spiderman, super Mario are popular. In the fight category, there are games like mortal kombat, a medal of honor, metal slug, ultimate ninja storm, Prince of Persia and god of war. We won’t be covering all the games here; we would only be covering the top 20 ppsspp games that you can also download. The game size might vary from 50Mb to 500Mb, so download the one whichever suits you the best.

ppsspp games

Earlier you have to buy the PSP emulator to play the games; now everything can be done from your smartphone only. People love PSP games because they have high graphics and the kind of gaming experience you get is remarkable. Though, you need to have some high-end Android devices to support these games. You need at least 1GB of Ram and 1.2Ghz of the processor. You have to tweak some settings as well to run the games at your device flawlessly.

PPSSPP emulator is completely free and open source emulator of PSP and supports most of the operating system. It supports iOS, Windows, Linux, Symbian, and Blackberry as well. It was created by a guy name Henrik Rydgard and have received millions of downloads since then.

Below are some of the important features of the PSP emulator.

1- It gives you an amazing user experience, and you have a great time playing the game.

2- It is also very easy to use, and controls are pretty simple. Virtual Controllers are pretty smooth, and you also get additional software support.

3- This emulator supports almost all the PSP games and runs on minimal device configuration.

4- The gameplay is very addictive, and audio & video quality is also improved.

There are a lot of other emulators as well in the market, but PPSSPP is the original and the best one. You can’t directly run the PSP games in your smartphone, you need to convert them in.ISO and.CSO files that we’ll discuss in detail in the below section. For more information, you can visit the official site.

How to install PPSSPP

In this section, we’ll talk about how to install PPSSPP. The emulator is available on Android and iOS playstore. It’s completely free; you don’t need to download the additional files once you have downloaded this. There are several options that come when you search for this app. You can also go for Gold Version as well if you want to support the developer as well. There are a couple of important points that you have to keep in mind while installing the app.

IMP Points****

1- For some other emulators, you need to download the BIOS file, but here with this emulator, you only need to download the ISO & CSO file from different online sources.

2- You can also download the game from different torrent sources. But, you should know how to use the torrent. A single mistake and you will end up installing malware instead of a game.

3- Also, downloading these games from different hacked sources is illegal. So, download them at your risk.

4- You can download the game file at your desktop and later on you can transfer it to your smartphone.

5- You can also read the site reviews before going ahead for download because there are loads of fake sites than genuine ones.

6- If you want to dump your own PSP file games, then you need to install the custom firmware that will help you in creating the ISO file. But custom firmware is a very complicated process; you should not do if you are now aware of it.

In the below section, we’ll discuss the How to play PSP games in Android, iOS, and PC using the same emulator. So, read the below section carefully, and you will have clarity about the process. So, let’s dive into each OS one by one.

How to play PPSSPP Games on Android

1- First, you need to enable the download from unknown sources. As, in this case, you will be using the third party application.

2- Most of the phones, this enabling unknown part is the same. Go to Settings then Go to Security & Privacy Settings and there you can enable the Unknown sources.

3- You should already have the PPSSPP app installed in your system. Then download the compressed game from the source. Make sure you have enough RAM & ROM available in your smartphone.

4- Once, the game is downloaded, you can click on the file icon and open it in file explorer. Once the installation wizard pops up, you can drag import the game in ISO format. In case, you have any confusion; you can let us know in the comments below, we’ll try to respond as soon as possible.

How to play PPSSPP Games on iOS

1- Downloading the third-party apps in iOS is a bit difficult. But you can get it done with some smart tweaks.

2- To use the emulator in iOS, firstly you need to download the PPSSPP Gold Apk then you have to open it with Xcode.

3- You need to have the IPA File Swift Source Code that you will get with IPA File only.

4- Once, it’s done. You’ll able to enjoy the PSP games on your iOS device.

How to play PPSSPP Games on Laptop

1- If you want to play the game on a bigger screen, then you can try them on your laptop and desktop as well.

2- Firstly, you need to download an Android Emulator on your Computer before downloading the PSP emulator.

3- There are dozens of Android emulators available on the internet. But, the best one is Bluestacks App player that you should go for.

4- Bluestacks is a trusted open source free software. Once the Bluestacks is installed, go through the complete setup process.

5- Then you can go ahead and download the APK file in your computer. Then you’ll find that file in the download folder. You can click, and the game will be installed, and you’ll be able to play the game on your laptop.

Top 20 PPSSPP Games

1. God Of War – Ghost Of Sparta

This is one of the most popular PPSSPP game that people want to play on Android. The game has amazing graphics, and you are going to have loads of fun while playing it. God of War has many parts, but this Ghost of Sparta is very popular among teens. The game is about vengeance and justice. The protagonist of the game is Kratos who is a spartan warrior and serves the Olympian Gods.

The gameplay is very interesting, in which Kratos is guided by goddess Athena to find Helios (Sun God) and Morpheus (Dream God) has caused other gods to summer in the absence of Sun God. Inside, the city, you have to fight the different monsters. You will also rescue your brother that you thought, already died. Then, with your brother, you fight with the boss. This is a large game, and you might face some lag issue while using it. So, it’s better to go with the compressed God Of War Ghost Of Sparta version which allows you to play glitch free. You can also tweak some settings to have a better experience.

2- God of War: Chains of Olympus

This game also has a very good storyline. You also have good graphics that takes your gaming experience to the next level. The game is full of adventure, and you’ll become addicted to it. The game is combat based, and you will get to use a lot of weapons. There are also different modes available that you can go for. You can go for a quick time mode in which you have to finish the time in a fixed time period. You can also use some magical spells in the game that adds fun to it.

I will recommend using the headphones while playing the game as it comes with amazing graphics and background sound. Millions of copies have been sold since the time the game is released. You can watch the video and enjoy the gameplay. Though, some users reported some issue with the.CSO file. If you face the same issue, you can let us know in the comments below. We’ll try to respond asap.

3. Tekken 6

This is also an amazing fighting game. If your smart device supports the Vulkan, then you can play the game without a glitch. The game is published and developed by Bandai Namco Games. Since the launch of the game, it has evolved a lot, and they have made a lot of improvement in graphics and sound. In this version, you will have a new rage system that will allow you to increase the power when you are weak. You will also have a hack and slash mode that will focus more on character name Lars Alexandersson. In the game, he has to find his identity by fighting other soldiers.

The game has received really good ratings. To have an idea about the game, you can watch the below video till end.

4. Gun Showdown

This game has an open world environment, and you also get side missions on the story. You will be playing the game from a third person point of view. The protagonist of the game is known as Colton White that you would be controlling. In the game, you would be traveling from town to town. Watch your back because here bandit attacks are very common. The game is very suitable for Android. You will be using the different weapons as well in the game. It will give you the feel of the wild west.

You can also hunt different animals as well that includes wild horses, buffalo, and even the farm animals and stray dogs. You can also cause mayhem among different communities. But, keep in mind when you create mayhem, you can bring the attention of lawmakers and gunslingers. Every town has the patience meter, and every time a civilian is killed, it goes down. Once the patience meter reaches zero, a showdown ensues between the locals and the players.

5. Tomb Raider Legend

This is a single player adventure game where you will be playing the character of Lara Croft. You will be having a total of eight levels in seven different locations around the world. As Lara, you would be doing a lot of stunts in the game. You will jump, climb on different poles and ladders. You have loads of fun crawling in small places. While moving from one place to another, you will also interact with different items and switches.

In between the level, you will also get certain puzzles that you have to solve. You will only be able to move forward once you solve the puzzle. While solving the puzzle, you have to activate the area by using the switch. You will also have quick time events in between that you have to complete by reacting to the prompt on the screen. There are two types of weapon that you get; one will give you unlimited ammunition while with others you will have limited bullets.

6. Dissidia 012: Duodecim Final Fantasy

If you have already played the previous version of the game, here you will see little bit changes as well. Mostly in the game, you will have one to one battle which will take place in different locations of the battle map. There are two kinds of attack that you can have in the game, either you can go for a bravery attack, or you can use the HP attack. While having the dual, both character will start with a fixed number of bravery points, and at the end, the person with more damage loses the game.

Bravery Point in the game is equivalent to the damage by HP attack. So, you have to perform the several bravery attacks to get the bravery points. Throughout the game, the new characters will be getting revealed, you will unlock more items, and you will also have awesome videos scenes. If you have played the original version of the game then this one also you are going to fell in love instantly. This compressed Dissidia 012 is the perfect example of an action RPG game.

7. Naruto Shippuden – Ultimate Ninja Heroes 3 (USA)

If you love Naruto, then you are going to love this game. This is a very popular anime series. In the game, you will get a chance to select your favorite character. Al the characters in the game would be similar to the ones that you get in the actual anime series. Through the game, you will also have a series of dual stage battlefields.

The game runs in the 2D environment, but that won’t ruin the fun. In the game, you will be having all the ninja powers in the game; you can jump and climb on the walls and have fun. The game is very addictive once you start playing it, you will be glued to your smartphone for hours.

8. Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops Plus

This game is mostly inspired by the Snake Eater version. Here, you will have the unique camera system that will give you a different perspective about the game. In the game, you have to recruit the allies and form a team with whom you’ll be completing the mission. Before the start of each mission, the player has to compose a four-man squad.

Each member of the team has his own power and skills. Some units are good in utilizing the battlefields while others might be good in producing the items. There are also some good teams providing intelligence information and healing allies as well. During the mission, you can also control one squad member at a time that adds fun to the game. You have to build the proper strategy to win the game.

9. Grand Theft Auto – Vice City Stories

This is not a new game; if you are a gamer, you probably would have already played the game. It’s one of the most popular gaming franchise the world has ever seen. The game has amazing graphics, and as you move in the game, the story will unfold. In this open world, you will be carrying out the different missions and exploring the city as well. The game also has a multiplayer mode that allows you to play the game with your friends and you can have a fun time playing with your besties.

You will get different kinds of weapons in the game. You will have the shotguns, snipers, and bazooka as well. There are loads of heavy weapons that you can use and do serious damage to your enemies. You get to drive cars, pilot helicopters and much more. The game is so much fun. Anything that you can do in real life can be done in the game. Make sure that you use a good configuration mobile phone. Otherwise, you can see the lag in the game. It is recommended to go with the Compressed Grand Theft Auto Vice City which will give you glitch-free gaming experience.

10. Godfather – Mob Wars

This is also one of the most popular shooting games. You should download the highly compressed Godfather mob wars less than 100mb which will give you better gaming experience. It has a captivating sequence which will come with great graphics, and you will have a great time playing it. In the game, you will be dealing with dangerous mafias. The game is somewhat similar to GTA, but here you won’t be controlling the cars and helicopters.

You need a multitouch screen device, as you have to control multiple things simultaneously in the game. In this version, you will have the new storyline, but the voice acting is by original cast members only. In this game, you don’t need to do any special tweaking. Simply download the game, and you are good to go.

11. Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier

This is a story based game in which you are going to have a lot of action. On the game, you would have puzzles, and racing sequence as well. You will have 3D gameplay with full of vivid colors. In the game, you’ll have loads of fun where you’ll use the aircraft and fight your enemies.

The game starts where Jak and Daxter escorting Keira to become a sage. On the way, Jack encounters the Sky pirate Captain Phoenix and end up crash landing on an island. Jack would be given an instrument known as Eco Seeker, but he won’t be able to use the power. For that, Keira has to study for weeks, and Jack has to prove himself in the test. As the game progresses, the new things will unfold, and you will have more adventure playing the game.

12. Daxter

Daxter is the same fictional character from the ‘Jak and Daxter’ game. In the game, Dexter falls into the Dark Eco, and then he turns into a half otter and a half weasel. Now, he seeks help from Gol to get back to his original life. The game will progress as you start playing version 2 and version 3.

The game is fun and if you are going to have a good time playing it. Gradually, the story will unravel, and you will get along with lots of new things.

13. WWE Smackdown vs. RAW 2011

If you are a WWE fan, then this is going to be the right choice for you. Here, in this game, you will have some new stuff introduced. Though the graphics of the game has improved a lot, you won’t be getting the career mode like the previous versions of the game. There is also one more thing that you might not like that in this game you will not be able to wrestle between the different sex person. What i really like about this compressed WWE Smackdown game that you can play it in the lower end of Android phones as well.

In this game, the moves are very realistic, while using the chairs, tables or ladders, you will have a very realistic feeling. Now tables break differently depending on the impact, you can place the ladder inside and outside, and they can also be broken into half. If you love hell in the cell, then a lot of changes have happened. The walls got revamped, weapons below the ring got increased, the cell door is removed, and now you have a new way of exiting the door.

14. The Warriors

This one also is a pretty cool game. It was developed by Rockstar games. There are a lot of gang fights in the street of new york where one gang wrongly accused of killing the one gang leader. In the game, warriors must make their way from one end to another end of New York. The streets of New York is full of gang members; you have to fight them and also have to prove that you didn’t kill the gang leader. This PPSSPP, The Warriors game, is super addictive, and once you start playing, it’s never gonna end.

In the story mode, there are total of 18 missions that you have to complete. Mission 1-13 will happen three months before the meeting, and the rest will cover the movie itself. In the game, you would be controlling the one character while other being controlled by the computer. Some of the main warriors that you would be controlling are Swan, Cleon, Rembrandt, Cowboy, and Ajax. There are few characters which are not meant for mission; they are for war party and other. In the game, you have to take a subway train to cross the city.

15. Assassins Creed – Bloodlines

This is the game that i personally feel has the best storyline. You get addictive and so much attached to the game that you don’t feel like quitting it. Once the Altair has assassinated all the Templar leaders, he is ready to face the different enemy under the guidance of different leader Armand Bouchart. In the game, you have to go to Cyprus and hunt down all the Templar leaders and stop them from spreading their scheme. The game is in the open world where you can run, jump and perform different skills to kill your enemies.

In the game, you will see the new assassination techniques getting featured. But a lot of weapons would be the same as throwing knives, hidden blade, Altair’s Sword and fist. Assassination is almost the same as the previous version of the game, but you will see the improvement in the animation. Now, you can pull off the opponents off the ledges similar to the part of two of Assassin Creed.

16. Dead To Right – Reckoning

The game is full of action, and amazing graphics will drive you crazy. You will be playing the game from a third person point of view and going through the captivating story. You would be controlling the character name, Jack Slate. In the game, you have to find the informant who has been kidnapped by a high profile crime lord. Now, you with your dog return to the corrupt underworld and bring justice. The game also features the multiplayer mode that will allow you to play it with your friends and have more fun. You have to use the right strategy and be quick in making a decision then only you’ll be able to find informant; otherwise, they will kill him if it’s too late.

In the game, you would be killing hundreds of people to get the justice done. You would also be dealing with Russian Crime lord Blanchov who murdered Ruby (Jack’s girlfriend). While searching the informant, a lot of new things will be revealed, and the story will take a completely unexpected turn. The game is full of surprises and unexpected revelations.

17. Manhunt 2

This is one of the best horror PPSSPP game that you can play. This psychological horror game is developed by Rockstar Games. The Manhunt 2 game follows the character name Daniel Lamb which is a mental escapee suffering from the amnesia disease which is struggling to uncover his identity. He is accompanied by sociopath Leo Kasper who guides Daniel in his journey. The game is full suspense and horror sequences will give you the goosebumps. The storyline is very engaging, and the amazing graphics and background sound will take the gaming experience to the next level.

In this second version, you’ll see a lot of updates in stealth mechanics. You will have more choices to execute the enemies. You’ll be getting three different levels of weapons to kill your enemies. Now, you can even use the firepower as well. Two other environmental execution techniques have been added where you can use an item from the surrounding like telephones, toilets and fuse boxes or you can also use the jump technique that will allow you to leap off the ledge and kill your opponents.

18. Lord Of Arcana

The game is full of action. This PlayStation portable game is developed by Access Games, and Square Ennix is the publisher. It is the remake of Lord of Apocalypse, and it came long back in 2011 and was very popular in Japan and Korea after its launch. In the game total, up to four players can fight the monsters. If you have played the games like God Eater, Monster Hunter then you’ll find a lot of similarity in this game.

The game takes place in the world of Horodyn; the place is named after the first king of the land. And in the Horodyn, somewhere lies the ancient stone “Arcana” which holds a lot of magical powers. You have to fight a lot of monsters and demons to find the Arcana. The game is not very popular but worth having a look at. The game is in 3D, and you are going to have some cool combo attacks. The compressed lord of Arcana version is around 670mb which you can download and start playing in your smartphone.

19. Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII

This is a user role-playing game in which you would be controlling a character name Zack flair. In the game, you would be moving to some open area and will be talking to some nonplayable characters. In the game, you have to interact with the environment and fight the monsters to win the battle. You will be given different missions where you have to beat the different monsters. Once the mission is complete, the player is rewarded by useful items that you would be able to access the next mission as well.

You can use different attack strategies in the game. You can use the different combat system in the game to defeat your enemies. You can also use magical spells in the game. All the statistics about damage and health will be shown on the screen; you can have a look and decide your strategy accordingly.

20. Ben 10: Protector of Earth

If you love Ben 10, this is the game for you. At the starting, you will able to have limited access to the alien forms, but as the game progresses, you’ll have more control. Eventually, the ben 10 will unlock the master control and will be able to stay alien for an infinite amount of time. Then, you don’t have to worry about the drain of Omnitrix energy. You can also collect the attack combos by collecting the Omnitrix points.

In each level, you would be getting three Sumo slammer card which will unlock the other cool features once you unlock them. After each level, ranks would be given depending upon how fast you completed the level.

The FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How can I make it run fast?
To make the game run fast. Better you have a smartphone with a good processor and RAM. If you don’t have a very good mobile, better go with the compressed version of the game.

Can I download it to an android phone?
Yeah, you can download the game in your Android phone. But, you should have the file manager to move the files to correct folders.

How can I play CSO file in Ppsspp?
If you have downloaded the CSO file, then you have to place it in the game folder, and from there you’ll be able to play the game.

How do I extract a RAR file without getting an error?
If you have to extract the file inside that will allow you to get the file.

How do I download PSP games to an Android OS?
There are multiple sites available from where you can download the game. We also give a couple of links in the article which will take you the download site.


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