PS4 VR headset

Let’s Start this PS4 VR Headset Discussion. But, Firstly Watch this Video to Get Amazed!

I know if you are reading this article, certainly you are a gaming freak and have a ps4 sprawled in your drawing-room. And the reason behind getting bumped into this place because you googled one of these queries on the internet ps4 vr goggles, Playstation VR goggles, ps4 vr launch bundle or playstation vr bundle.
Am I Right? Yes I am. All over the world, there are 40 million PS4 gaming freaks. 40Million, This is a huge number. Since last year, After the forecast of playstation vr launch, there seems to be a turbulence among PS4 lovers. Their gaming thoughts straying in all the direction what is the price of PS4 vr, PS4 Release date, playstation vr games list, and trying to solve this most anticipated PS4 VR gaming puzzle. So Relax and Let me Solve your Playstation VR Puzzle.

VR Headset for ps4

This is what you find Inside the Playstation VR Core Box

PS4 VR headset

Today, In this article we are going to discuss everything you need to know about playstation vr. There are following topics about ps4 virtual reality headset that we are going to ponder upon.

  • PS4 VR Headset Price

  • Design Of Playstation VR Headset

  • Playstation VR Headset Bundle

  • Playstation VR game list

  • PS4 headsets VS Oculus Rift

So I think these topics would cover almost everything that you want to know about Playstation VR Headset. Let’s start exploring otherwise, I would keep on ranting..

To Enjoy the game. Follow these Steps…..

PS4 VR Headset Price


Finally Sony is about to launch its own virtual-reality headset for the PlayStation 4, and it is called the PlayStation VR. Till now we know it actually costs half the price of the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive. PlayStation VR costs $399, £349 or AU$550.

1- Playstation VR Release:

According to the Playstation officials, VR Headset is going to release on 13th October 2016. It would be available on Playstation Official Site and also on E-commerce sites like Amazon and ebay.

2- Playstation VR Bestbuy and Pre-Order:

As People are hoarding for PS4 Vr Headset, Sony has already received thousands of pre-orders. You can also go for Playstation VR Bestbuy and Pre-Order, so that later on you don’t have to wait in the long queue for amazing Playstation VR headset.

Design Of Playstation VR Headset

When we talk about design of Playstation VR, Only One thing strikes to our mind. That’s cool… Playstation VR is completely different from all the other vr headsets available out there in the world.

Its stylish design is like that you might have seen in sci-fi fantasy movies in which astronauts wear glowing big fancy head mounted goggles and try to search a new planet far away from our galaxy. Yes, It’s the same. There are following things you need to know about Playstation VR Headset Design.


Weight610gm (excluding cable)
Panel Size5.7 inch
Display MethodOLED
Resolution920 x RGB x 1080 (960 x RGB x 1080 per eye)
Dimensions187×185×277 mm
Field Of View100 degrees
Microphone Integrated

Playstation VR Headset Bundle

I have been piled up the questions by the people, what if I only buy Playstation VR Headset, what extra I would get with Playstation VR bundle and many other confusions. For VR Bundle you have to pay $499. And You would get only three things extra in VR Bundle than playstation VR Core.

  • PlayStation Camera
  • 2 PlayStation Move motion controllers
  • PlayStation VR Worlds (disc)

PS4 VR headset


Playstation VR games list

PlayStation VR will going to have 50 games by launch, and hundreds of developers working on titles. The biggest game announced so far is Star Wars Battlefront, but there are other exclusives peppered throughout Sony’s announced games so far. Sony has also officially confirmed that following games would be available from day one of the Playstation VR launch.

PS4 headsets VS Oculus Rift

We all know these both are very high-end gaming vr headsets. Selection depends on individual basis. If you are not a a gaming freak and don’t own PS4 but you are very fascinated about virtual reality then you can go for Oculus Rift. But Still when it comes to price you have to think twice.

On the other hand Playstation VR is built for gaming freaks who spent their childhood with these PS4 games. Playstation VR Headset would take you to the new horizon of gaming. You would witness the experiences that you always dreamed of in your wild imagination.

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