Rage 2

After the announcement of the game, it has received a lot of popularity among gaming enthusiasts around the world. In Countries like USA & Australia, it is making the new records. When it comes to the game, people are asking different types of questions that include beta version, rage 2 battle royale, avalanche, artwork, apex engine, and much more. If you have one of these questions, don’t worry, we’ll try to cover all the important aspects. In case of any confusion, you can let us know in the comments below; we’ll try to respond as soon as possible.

Rage 2


This is a first-person shooting game where you would be controlling a ranger named Walker who is exploring the open world after the post-apocalypse. You can also customize your character in the game like gender, attire, and his skills. You get to use a lot of cool weapons in the game that includes firearms, guns, knives, and others. Gradually, in the game, players Nanotrite skills will be increased. There are different modes as well that you can try. In Override mode, you can do more damage to the enemies that you can in the damage meter.

If you are having the Nanotrites from the previous game which will give you the special power and ability booster, there would also be vehicular combats in the game that will add fun to the game. You will be driving trucks, gyrocopters, and buggies in the game.

System Requirements

Rage 2 Minimum System Requirements

  • CPU: Intel Core i5-3570 or AMD Ryzen 3 1300X
  • RAM: 8 GB
  • OS: Win7, 8.1, or 10 (64-Bit versions)
  • VIDEO CARD: Nvidia GTX 780 3GB or AMD R9 280 3GB

Rage 2 Recommended System Requirements

  • CPU: Intel Core i7-4770 or AMD Ryzen 5 1600X
  • RAM: 8 GB
  • OS: Win7, 8.1, or 10 (64-Bit versions)
  • VIDEO CARD: Nvidia GTX 1070 8GB or AMD Vega 56 8GB

Rage All weapons

Advanced Remote Controlled Bomb Car: This is one of the most powerful weapons that you can use in the game. It also gives you the EMP effect, and you can blow out the complete vehicle.

Advanced Wingstick: This is an engineering item where you would be using a saw blade.

Authority Machine Gun: It is used by members of the authority. It is an automatic weapon and does a lot of damage to your opponent.

Authority Pulse Cannon: This is also an advanced minigun, very helpful in close encounters mainly used by Authority.

Sentry Bot: This is also an engineering item, a mobile robot armed with weapons.

Sentry Turret: It is a lethal, reusable, and portable weapon works as your personal bodyguard.

Settler Pistol: This is a high caliber semi-automatic pistol which you always carry with yourself to keep yourself safe from enemies.

Settler Assault Rifle: This is a heavy hitting automatic weapon that every settler needs to carry.

Sniper Rifle: If you wanna take one shot at a time and want to hit the bull’s eye then sniper rifle should be your best companion.

Striker Crossbow: If you want to kill someone silently without making a sound, this military-grade crossbow is the one that you need.

Balloon Bomb: This is also a cool popping up bombs that you can play around with.

Combat Shotgun: This is a firepower weapon gives the boom shot once it blows out the enemy.

Double Barrel Shotgun: There are two anarchy and campaign edition that you would be getting with this. In this, you’ll be having more firepower than the regular ones.

EMP Grenades: This is an engineering item like HE Grenades, which helps in shorting out all the electrical stuff.

Fists of Rage: It is also a unique weapon which comes in Anarchy and Campaign edition.

HE Grenades: If you wanna blow up your enemies, this is the best weapon to try from.

Minigun: It does a lot of devastation to the opponent and also has some tracking features as well.

Nail Gun: If you want to add some brutality in killing your opponent, then this is the weapon to try (The Scorchers DLC).

Rocket Launcher: This is made for doing devastation in the game. It makes the huge boom sound.

Rage 2 All Editions

There are three different editions of the game that you can buy online. Each has different features and different prices.

Rage 2 Standard Edition
You can buy this edition under $50 price tag. In the standard edition, you’ll get all the basic game features. It’s worth giving a try.

Rage 2 Deluxe Edition
In this edition, you’ll be getting the Rise of the Ghosts Campaign expansion that you can enjoy in the summer of 2019. You get Doom BGF, Cheat Codes of Wasteland Wizard, Progress Booster, Battle Standard and much more. It is a bit costlier than the standard version, but you can get it less than $100.

Rage 2 Collector’s Edition
If you want to enjoy all the features of the game, then this is the edition for you. If you buy the physical edition of the game, then you get the below items.
Ruckus the Crusher Talking Head
Collector’s Edition Poster
Digital Items

When it comes to the price tag, you have to spend around $120 for this.

Rage 2 Hands-on Review

After its launch, the game has created a lot of buzz around the world among gaming enthusiasts. The game has maintained its standard, and I must say that Avalanche studios have done a really good job.
You will certainly be in awe after seeing the futuristic aesthetics of wasteland world. The steering of the vehicle is very smooth, and you will have loads of fun driving around the wasteland.
You’ll be tipping, rolling and spinning in the dusty terrain of the wasteland where you will find completely unexpected turns in every corner. You will be jumping out of vehicles to avoid the enemy’s attack.

There are a lot of creative modes in the game that will take the fun to the next level. You will be engaging yourself in races, convoy battles, and other activities.

Watch the Video till End

If you ask me to describe the game in two words, i would say that it’s “Simply Amazing.”
You love the unexpected roller coaster storyline then it’s going to be the perfect fit for you. Rage 2 has improved a lot than Rage 1, and its breathtaking view of wasteland will drive you crazy.


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