I have been running since I was a kid. I love it because I think running is just a part of me. When it comes to running, there is a general notion among everyone, “Running is an Exercise”. But I believe it’s lot more than that.

I believe that Running is a driving force of life that gives you motivation. It keeps you healthy and pushes you beyond your limits at the same time. Running shows your true potential and defines who you are.

If you are not into running, it might sound rhetoric. So, I would recommend you to read the success stories of people, how running made them a better human being. There are thousands of testimonials around the world where people defied death, fought incurable diseases and heart attack, transformed their bed-ridden body to healthy one and much more. This all happened just because of one thing and that’s Running.

I love this story in particular and want to share with you all. How, this 29 year Old Nicolet Dones, A mother of five-year-old, A Program Manager, A Diabetic and Blood pressure Patient changed her life. I really admire her journey to overcome the odds and live a beautiful happy life.

Read the Full Story of Aurea Nicolet Dones Here.

I hope her story would have given some inspiration to you. Apart from her Story, I want to introduce this man who runs 10-15 miles daily, travels the world and tell his story to the world, Why should you run. Watch this video.

TCS New York City Marathon is one the largest marathon in the world. This Annual Marathon that courses through five boroughs of New York City and around 1lac participants run every year.

Last year, More than fifty thousand people finished the race. That’s a huge number. NYC Marathon is supported by Tata Consultancy Services and other financial groups as well. It’s really an amazing event on the massive scale. One must participate in this event as it’s once in a lifetime opportunity.

I will be participating in this TCS NYC Marathon 2017 and looking for a great adventure. If you are still confused about this marathon whether you have to participate or not. Below are the following reasons why you should participate in TCS NYC Marathon.

Amazing Experience: It’s not just a marathon. Indeed, It’s a cultural meet up where you would see people from all around the globe different culture, ethnicity. There is a more to learn, share and an overall lot of experience. You would see many Paralympics, Celebrities and amazing people passing by. People also come in different costumes to give a message to the world and to tell their story that will definitely bring a smile to your face.

Push Your Limits: As It’s a very long marathon, You definitely have to push your limits to complete it. You would see people running in their prosthetic legs and wheelchairs. It would take somewhere around 4-5 hours to complete the marathon. At the Starting, It’s a physical strength that keeps you going but at the last miles, it’s all about the mental game. You will feel the pain, but you will still run. Because that’s what takes you beyond your limits.

Memorable Journey (Run for Charity): One thing that would be common to each one crossing the line is “Smile”. A smile of pushing you beyond the limits, A Smile of overcoming the pain, A smile of meeting with so many people and “A Smile of memorable journey”.

Fund collected in this event would be donated to the impoverished children and needy one. So, you are not running for yourself. You are running for a better cause. I bet you would remember this event for a lifetime and cherish it with your friends.

You can Register for TCS NYC Marathon Here. Remember, This is a huge event, so reach expo in time and don’t forget to collect your race packet before the event. Till then, Keep Running and Be Prepared.

Happy TCS NYC Marathon!!!



Rajdweep Katiyar (A TCSer)  




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