Samsung Netflix

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What is Netflix: A Bit History Of It

Don’t be embarrassed that you’ve just arrived here. You’re not the only one. While Netflix already has tens of millions of subscribers, many of us still haven’t gotten on the streaming giant bandwagon yet. So what is Netflix, anyway? We’re going to run through some basics so that you can hang with your grandchildren or tech-savvy buddies without feeling left out.

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Isn’t Netflix that old Blockbuster competitor with the DVDs? The answer to this question of course yes: Yes! Well, Netflix started out as a competitor to the traditional movie rental forgoing those irritating rental and extra late fees by letting you keep a few DVDs as long you wanted. When you were done you would  just send them back mail and choose a few more on their website.

Today Netflix actually is far more famous for their streaming apps and online catalogs, year-old movies and a few wonderful original programs like House of Cards and Orange is the New Black.

How to Watch Netflix Videos in Samsung Netflix

Samsung Netflix


We are living in the age of gadgets. It has become difficult to survive even a day without them. Technology has become integral part of life. From frivolous to the most sophisticated task, technology has its role to play everywhere. Which the advent of Virtual reality, the quality of technology  has increased manifolds. Now the power of technology is greater. It is now capable of doing anything that was impossible once.

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But the World has completely changed, Now we are talking about Virtual Reality. When All Big People are tapping in to this market, how come Netflix can be left behind. Netfilx just started launching its online streaming videos in virtual reality. And Netflix lovers are on the cloud number nine feeling very happy.

Samsung is a leading tech giant. Its services are excellent. Whether  it is Samsung Galaxy smart phone or Samsung Gear VR headset all work efficiently. Samsung Smart TV are another great innovation.Like smartphone ,smart TV has numerous apps that can installed on it.There is n app store where you can get any app of your choice.

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Samsung Netflix is one such app. It lets you to stream videos on your TV screen directly,from  the web,without any external gadget. Netflix might be already installed on the Samsung Smart TV, if not then it can be downloaded from the app store. Then you just need to sign in your account to run the app.

Netflix gives the  theater like experience.If you want to enjoy your TV series,in the best way, Netflix is the best option. Netflix gives you the specific details of the program you are watching,which is otherwise not apparent. Besides TV series,it lets you browse through a list of number of other media content such as movies, videos, comedy etc.

Supported Regions:
Netflix is available on Samsung phones with the Samsung Gear VR in all regions where the Netflix service is available.

Browse rows of movie posters or press Search to find movies.

Watch movies and TV shows in 480p resolution.

Subtitles & Alternate Audio:
Select the Audio and Subtitles icon to turn on subtitles and alternate language audio if they are offered by the movie or TV show.

Samsung Smart TV can stream Netflix in HD, if there is fast internet connection, and Netflix will work in maximum resolution that can be supported.

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