India is one of the fastest growing economy in the world. And People in India are also growing in-terms of doing business, they are switching from offline 9-5 conventional jobs to online world.

When we talk about online world, there are many things that strike to our mind including freelancing, internet marketing, blogging, e-commerce and many more. But E-commerce stands out as it shows a huge cash flow and promising financial stability if you do it right.

So, Today I would be talking specifically about “How to sell on Amazon India”. Earlier I also didn’t know how one call sell on amazon. But then I met one of my friend who guided me through. There are few things that got changed after GST implementation.

I would be covering every important aspect of amazon selling. After reading the whole article if you have any confusion don’t forget to let us know in the comments below. I would personally reply to your messages as soon as possible.

Right Now, On Amazon India, there are two options available. “Sell as an individual” or ‘Sell as a business”. Selling as an individual is a very simple process. So, firstly I will guide you about individual selling and then we would jump to sell as a business.


When it comes to selling as an individual on Believe me, It’s super-duper simple. But this individual selling opportunity is only available on few cities mentioned below.

  • Bangalore
  • Mumbai
  • Chennai
  • Hyderabad

So, If you belong to one of these cities, you can start selling from today itself. There are several steps that you need to follow to become a seller on amazon, let’s discuss all of them, one by one.

Create An Account: Go to and click on the top then you will see the sell button at the top middle encircled in below image.

Once you click that button, a new page would open like below one. In which you see two options of Getting Started. Choose the one which is on right side.

Once you click on the Get Started button for Individual Seller Option. Then follow the instructions. Register with your email ID. You have to enter your user name and password. Once, you are done with registration, you are good to go to post free ad on amazon dashboard.

There, you need to enter the products details like which category it falls in, Product Title, Image, Price, any special message and pickup address. The Dashboard somewhat look like this.

Once you are done, product will be live on amazon website. If somebody orders the product. Pickup and packing of the product would be done at your door step and delivered to buyer. Once the purchase is done, Payment would be transferred to your account within a week at most.

If you face any problem in payment, you can directly contact amazon support center and they will help you out.


This is the second option that you can have a look at, if you are thinking of scaling your business online. This is the very lucrative business if you do it right. They are people who are making millions just selling on amazon.

So, before we jump directly on what is the procedure of how to sell on amazon India as a business. You should know about the requirements for applying for it.

  • VAT Registration: This is the first requirement of being a professional seller on amazon. You can get this done on your local Sales Tax Office. Recently government has eased the process as well, you can do it online as well.
  • Bank Account: Once you got VAT Registration, Bank account in the name of your company is the second that you need to get. This you can do by visiting any nearby bank. When later you get your business going and you face audit someday, you would have transaction history to show.
  • Invoice & Bill: There are many e-commerce company that provide invoices. But in case of Amazon, it’s bit different. Amazon doesn’t have any invoice generation. This is not really compulsory to send invoice to every customer. But in-case any customer wants they may ask you to get the bill. So get it printed from your local printing press nearby. Formats available online.

Now, you have the idea about what are the requirements for this. Now let’s talk about the procedure, it’s almost same as the individual selling. Follow the below steps:

Once you click on the Sell button, this page would open. And this time, instead of choosing the right side one, choose left one (Professional Self Nationally & Globally). Once you click on Get Started Button. You would be asked to register.

Then, you need to click on Register now button. Then you’ll be redirected to a page where you need to create a seller account.

Here you need to enter your email ID, username and password to sign up for the seller account. I would suggest better create a new email ID only for business purpose where you only receive all important amazon emails. Once you entered all these details your account would be created and you need to verify your email by clicking the link that you receive on your mail ID.

Then, you need to enter your business details, here you have to enter your legal name. Keep in mind, here you have to enter the business name with which you have registered the company.

After you completing this step, you would be directed to five step process. Here you have to be careful in filling the details.

Firstly you need to do phone verification, enter the number that you permanently use because later on if you face any issue, they would be contacting you on the same number. So, understand the importance of the number and enter the one that is always available to contact. After phone verification, you will be asked to enter seller details that include Store Name, what category of products you are selling, pin code and address. You can put any store name according to your choice whose availability you can check by clicking on availability option. See the below pic:

If your address is nearby amazon fulfill center, you would be eligible for easy ship. It means amazon can directly pick the goods from your above mentioned address and ship it to the corresponding customer.

After this, you would need to fill your tax details where you need to enter your GST number if you have. If you don’t have the GST Number, you can click one of these options.

After this you will have to give seller interview that is just some simple questions. You need to tell which category products, you are selling. From where you are getting products, you are manufacturing them or importing them from somewhere. What is your annual turnover and do you have some medium to sell you online products or amazon is the only one.

Once you are done with seller interview, you would reach the final step at your dashboard. Chcek the pic below. Remaining Steps should be ticked green as shown in the pic.

It’s the last step. In the dashboard. You need to create the following things.

1-Create Amazon listing: Here you need to enter all the product details, amazon would show you the proper sample, how to do it. If you still face any problem, let us know in the comments below, we’ll try to help you out.

2- Shipping Rates: Here, you need to set your shipping rate according to weight and shipping location (domestic, national, global). Be careful while filling these columns. Shipping details would be somewhat like this. You can edit country and shipping category to check the shipping cost variation.

3- Enter the Bank Details: Here you need to enter the bank details that will include your account number, bank name, ifsc code and account type. See the below picture.

4- Tax Details: In this column, you need to enter VAT Number, PAN Number, CST Number and GST Number. Check carefully which all are compulsory in you r case. You can leave optional blank.

5- Product Tax Code: PTC (Product Tax code) are codes which are mapped to GST rates notified by the government (i.e. the percentage of taxes which are applicable for the sale of products or services). Seller Central Account tax calculation system uses PTC to calculate the tax on the products or services a seller lists on the marketplace. This is the Tax amount which sellers will later have to remit to the GST authorities on the product or services sold/provided by them.

You need to choose the default product tax code in drop down menu that suits to you.

6- Digital Image Signature: This is the last step where you need to enter the digital image of your sign that would be included in every invoice sent to the customer.

This is the last step. After this you are good to go. You can launch you business Now. I think, I have covered everything, you need to know about selling on amazon. I have given a lot of effort framing this article. I would be obliged if you leave your valuable feedback in the comments below.

Thanks & Cheers in Advance.



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