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There are more that one billion active users on Facebook. Day by day, the world is becoming more connected and people are coming online. Today In this article we’ll talk about Facebook. We all face these kinds of problems one way or the other that how to send friend request to someone on Facebook when blocked, or when it is private or when there is no option.

Or questions like why isn’t there an add friend button on facebook, accidentally accepted friend request, if you decline a friend request on facebook can they add you again, if someone denies your friend request can you send another, how to know if someone deleted your friend request on facebook, how to cancel all sent friend request on facebook and much more.

facebook friend requests

To understand the problem of sending or receiving friend request. firstly you need to know the Facebook policies of sending or accepting friend requests.  How to actually regulate these things. If they don’t make some regulations of these kinds, many people would be piled up with thousands of friend requests daily.

But Sometimes You find people on Facebook that you want to get in touch but you don’t have any mutual friends or any sort of other connection. In these case Facebook would not allow you send friend request to that person. I have been getting mails about below mentioned problems since very long.

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  • how to send a friend request on facebook when it is private
  • how to add a friend on facebook without them having to confirm
  • how to add a friend on facebook without anyone knowing
  • how to add someone on facebook without mutual friends

But Here, In this article, we would be discussing two specific problems that Most of the Facebook Users face while sending friend requests if your problem is still not solved. Please let us know in the comments below, we would help you out.


Problem#1 How to send a friend request on Facebook when there is no option of Add Friend(Private)

facebook friend request

See the above picture in which there is no option of Add Friend because she has customized her friend request from her end. This person might have set “Who can send me friend request” from ‘Everyone’ to ‘Friends of Friend’. So In this case you have to find something in common and build some connection.

friends of friends

Below are the following things that you can try out. It always works for me and might work for you as well. Or you can ask your questions in the comments below. I would be happy to help you out.

Build Some Connection:

As this person has changed her friend request setting from ‘Everyone’ to ‘Friends of Friends’. So you can’t send her friend request. So in this you have to make some mutual friends (at least three). If Her friend list is public, you can directly go and send friend request to the people to make some mutual friends. Other wise go to that person’s  profile pics or cover photo where you can find people who have commented or liked the pic. you can send them friend requests and build some connection.

Send Message Request:

If you are not able to send her friend request then you can send message request to that person. But this message doesn’t go to inbox, instead it goes to message request folder. Generally people don’t check this folder. If you get lucky and sooner or later they read your message, you will make that person your friend.

*** Even after trying again and again, if the person is not replying. It means he/she is not interested. In this case don’t them and have your own life.

Problem #2 Friend Requests can’t be sent even though you have mutual friends

This is the recent update in facebook that very few people are actually aware. After seeing that lot of people on facebook are getting piled up by these unnecessary friend requests. Facebook has updated their algorithm to make this social media less annoying. Some time what would happen even though you are having mutual friends and they are reflecting in your “People you may know” option, still you won’t be able to send them friend request. You might get this message.

people you may know

sometimes things really get annoying when you know the person even though you are unable to send the friend request. There is no thumb rule to get rid off this situation but below are the following things that you can try out and probably you would be able to reach out to that person.

Delete Your Sent Friend Requests:

Many a time what happens if that you send friend requests to lot of people and few very of them are accepted. For Instance if you send friend request to hundred people and out of hundred, only five people accept your friend request. In this facebook gets to know that acceptance rate is very less. In this case facebook might flag your profile internally. If you don’t stop , you can also be get blocked for sending friend requests for some period of time.

So In this case go to your friend requests option and delete all pending requests that you have sent. See the below picture. and follow this path. Find Friends—–View Sent Requests——-Delete Sent Requests.

sent friend requests facebook

Once you delete these pending sent friend requests, After few days you probably would be able to send friend request to that person.

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Suggest A friend:

 In this case you have to ask a favor from your mutual friends that he/She has to suggest that person to you. Once that mutual suggest you to that person to whom you want to send friend request. You would be able to send friend request to that person.

suggest friend to annie facebook

These are some ways that I am sure would help you out in sending friend requests to anyone. If this doesn’t work out there are other dozen ways that you can try.

Please let us know in comments below if you are facing any problem. Our Team would love to help you out as soon as possible.


  1. I met this person because we both are part of a facebook online group. She wished to make some suggestions to help with my question and messaged me privately. We are not connected in Facebook in any way otherwise and wish to be friends. She has tried and I have tried to send requests to each other to no avail. I have looked in my settings but have no idea how to change anything even temporarily and neither does she. We have no mutual friends and don’t want to make any mutual friends with people we don’t know.


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