How to sleep faster

Sleep plays a very important role in living life to the fullest. When you sleep well at night, you awaken fresh in the morning; hence, you can do your work with complete concentration. Plus, nowadays anxiety and stress lead to insomnia (a disease where you cannot fall asleep). So, to avoid all the chaos in your life, let’s look at some tips and tricks that will help you sleep quicker.

10 Simple Tips to Sleep Better

How to sleep faster

Here are 10 easy ways to fall asleep instantly.
follow these steps…

    • Try this simple exercise – While you are lying down, focus on your breath. Keep your focus on your nostrils as you start inhaling and then keep focusing on your breath as it enters your throat, chest and stomach. Then as you exhale, again focus on your breath. You may get thoughts and your mind may wander, but never mind keep focusing. Another method is to count your breaths. Simply count your breaths until you feel sleepy. These exercises will lower your blood pressure, help you relax and calm down.
    • Listen to guided meditations – Guided meditations help you go into deep sleep and, of course, very fast. Guided meditations are simple videos that guide you into sleep with spoken words or through soft music with nature sounds. You will find plenty of guided meditations online. All you need to do is go on YouTube and just type ‘guided meditations for sleeping’ or ‘soothing music for sleep’. After you find a nice calming video, convert it into MP3. A simple way to convert a YouTube video into an MP3 is here: Copy the link and open in another tab. Paste the link in the first dialogue box on the site and then press convert. Download it. Take the downloaded file on your phone and listen to it every night.
    • Keep cool – Studies show that it’s easier to fall asleep when the temperature of a room is on the lower side. So, keep your fan a bit faster or reduce the temperature of the AC.
    • Take a warm bath – Having a shower before sleep is said to help you sleep faster. Take a nice relaxing, long bath with scented soap (if possible, with Lavender) this raises the temperature of your body and a cool room will then reduces your body temperature, helping you fall asleep.
    • Keep lights off – Darkness always induces sleep. Try and keep as much darkness in the room as possible. If you are scared of darkness, just keep the lights dim or keep a small night lamp on.
    • Use bed ONLY for sleeping – Bed is for sleeping, relaxing and should be strictly used only for that purpose. So, avoid sitting on bed, watching movies or eating on your bed during the daytime. This will help your brain to switch off as soon as you hit the bed. Try this!
    • Don’t exercise or have caffeine right before you sleep – Remember if you do physical exercise or drink caffeine within 3 hours before bedtime.
    • Don’t sleep in the daytime – Sleeping in afternoon is what all of us love to do but it has its pros and cons. While on the one hand it gives you rest, on the other hand it steals your sleep at night. So, best is to maintain a balance. Maybe sleep for about 15-20 minutes in the afternoon or try and not sleep at all in the daytime.
    • Wear socks – Scientists have proved that wearing comfortable and not very tight socks help you fall asleep faster.
    • Change your bed sheets and bed covers often – Changing bed sheets is a daily routine for some. But in case, if it is not possible, you can always do it on alternate days. Clean bed sheets and pillow covers give you a sense of comfort.

    Good night, folks! Sleep well and faster with these amazing and simple tips.


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