small dehumidifier in ac

If you live in geography where in summer, humidity is at its peak and living inside the room becomes very uncomfortable because of that musty smell. Then, you should seriously think of buying one dehumidifier. This problem happens mostly in coastal areas. I live in the southern part of India and life becomes hell because of too much humidity. Air conditioners cool the room, but dehumidifiers are required to dry the air. You can know more about Dehumidifier over here.

Most of the time, people ignore the problem of humidity and take it for granted. But, Over Humidity can cause some severe health problems.
It also increases your AC bill because the air conditioner has to work hard to cool the humid air. It also has an adverse effect on your building and property because air moisture reacts with plaster and then it starts decaying.

The recommended humidity should be in between 30% to 50%. It should not be less than 30 and more than 40. Thankfully, Indoor humidity can be controlled through the dehumidifiers. Nowadays, some air conditioners are coming with new cutting-edge technology that not only cools your home but removes the moisture from the environment as well.
So, depending upon the requirement, you can cool or dehumidify or do them both. And this all happens with a single touch. So, If you are living in a humid environment, don’t ignore it. Below are some of the main problems that can be caused by over humidity.

  • Moist Air leads to the breeding of allergens, mould, mildew and other dust mites.
  • You can have problems like sinuses, asthma and other respiratory diseases.
  • When there is more moisture in the air, your body can’t evaporate the sweat quickly, and that leads to a worse day than a sweltering day.
  • Furniture in your house gets affected by this, and you might see black spots in the closet, shower, and bathtub.
  • You will also see the change in smell, it won’t be fresh. The air becomes stale and musty.
  • The problem becomes worse in the areas with less ventilation like kitchen or washroom.

5 Reasons Why should buy a dehumidifier

small dehumidifier in ac

In this section, we will discuss the five main reasons why should you consider buying one humidifier? If we miss any important point, you can let us know in the comments below. So, without wasting any time further, let’s dive into top 5 reasons to buy a humidifier.

1- Comfortable Living:
When you have moisture present in the air, you will feel warmer than the usual. Your body will feel sweaty because body sweat won’t be able to evaporate. It happens mostly in the summer season, and life becomes really uncomfortable. Just cranking up the Air Conditioner won’t really help, you have to use the dehumidifier because that’s the only solution for indoor moisture.

2- Improve Air Quality:
The quality of air is measured on the basis of toxins present in the air. If air is humid, the percentage of toxins get increased exponentially. Air purifiers are really important nowadays, and that’s where these dehumidifiers come into the picture. The breeding of the bacteria increases when the air has a lot of moist. Sometimes, people put the plant in their rooms and think it is enough to purify the air. But, let me tell you plants will reduce the co2 level but not the moisture level.

3- Say Good Bye to Musty smell:
Sometimes, you enter the room, and with the first breath you take, you can tell something is not right in the air. The smell of air gets changed because of mould and mildew. The moisture is the home for fungi that release the foul gases. This could be really disturbing sometimes and cause some severe damage.

4- Minimizes condensation:
Condensation is the problem, faced by most of the homes. This could happen in many ways, even cooking, water boiling and bath can cause this process, and that leads to too much moisture. At the starting, you might see the signs on the windows and mirrors with water layers. If this condensation problem doesn’t get resolved quickly, it leads to wallpaper peeling, wood shrinking and other issues. If you have any costly item which can be affected by the too much moisture, you should seriously buy one dehumidifier instead of putting something expensive on a stake.

5- Eliminates Fungi:
A Damp home is the perfect home for mold and mildew, but not for you. If you have an allergy, it can sever the condition,, and if you don’t have one, you might end having one. Doctors recommend must use of dehumidifiers for those who are suffering from asthma and allergies. Some Studies have also shown that it might lead to depression and cause disorder in your nervous system.

AC Vs Dehumidifier

Dehumidifier Air conditioner
It is only designed to extract excess moisture from the atmosphere.It’s the primary purpose to cool down the room.
It is recommended by doctors sometimes and might have medical applications.It is designed for comfort only.
Air is preheated before it comes back to the room.Air is cooled in this case.
Water removal happens periodically through the inner container. Water drips out of the house.

Top 15 Dehumidifiers to buy online

1- Ivation IVADM10

Ivation IVADM10

This is one of the best dehumidifiers that you can buy online. It is a compact size small size dehumidifier that you can use for multiple purposes. You can use it for the basement, room, RV, and Antique Car. Flexibility to use this product makes it unique and very popular among users. It’s tiny size, and it doesn’t have any moving parts that sometimes become a headache for the people. It reduces the humidity and reduces less power as well. Below are some essential points that you should know.

  • It is easy to clean. You can remove the water tank and air filter and wash them quickly.
  • Indicators give you the water level indication.
  • It is more secure and safe to use as it has an auto shutoff system once the tank is full.
  • The Dimensions of the dehumidifier is 6.1″ x 5.1″ x 8.7″.
  • The company claims that it comes with advanced Peltier technology which is far better than the conventional compression system.

Is there any drainage alternative, Can I use the tube instead of a cup?
No, You can’t. There are no holes as such to use the drain tube.

What is the length of the cord that we get with the machine?
It’s around 4feet long.

Can I manually control the humidity percentage in the room?
No, you can’t see the current level of humidity in the room. You just have to feel it. Once you find the room atmosphere comfortable. You can switch it off.

How’s the build quality of this machine?
It’s pretty good.

2- EdgeStar AP14001HS

EdgeStar AP14001HS Portable Air Conditioner

EdgeStar is known for its amazing products and dominates the electronics industries in many categories. This portable air conditioner with dehumidifier comes with a remote control system and suitable for the size up to 525 sq feet.

It has two options. ASHRAE-128 Standard comes with 14,000 BTU and DOE 2017 Standard comes with 8,800 BTU. I will call it dehumidifier cum air conditioner. It comes with hose pipe extended till 49″. The noise level of the machine is also less than <56 decibels. It also has programmable time and dimensions are 35″ x 18.75″ x 15.75″. Below are some the important aspects of this machine that you should know.

1-Seasonal Versatility: This is the perfect combination, you can use it in summer and winter as well. As it is capable of supplying both hot and cold air.
2-Energy Saver: It comes with the programmable timer that you can use to schedule the cooling time, and after that,, it shuts off automatically that really saves the power and you don’t have worry about them too much electricity bill.
3-Free of Harmful Chemicals: Like other air conditioners, it doesn’t use ozone-damaging R410A refrigerant. It is complete compliance with RoHS and utterly free from harmful chemicals.

What does BTU stand for?
It means British Thermal Unit. The higher the number of BTU, bigger room it can handle.

Can I use it a place without a window?
Yeah, you can. But you need to take the exhaust hose outside the place.

How’s the portability of this item?
It comes with wheels. You will not face any problem probably.

Can I use one side airflow?
Yes, you can. But then you won’t be utilising the Dual Flow Air system.

3- Friedrich D70BP

 Friedrich D70BP 70 Pint Dehumidifier with built-in drain pump

Friedrich is also known for making some good quality dehumidifiers. It comes with a continuous drain system. It is 70pint dehumidifier, and you can use it with 115V. It has pump condensation both ways vertically and horizontally up to 15ft. You also get to see the room temperature and humidity level. You can easily remove and clean the condensate bucket once the process is done. Below are some critical points that you should know.

  • It has a very stylish sleek design. It has good finishing that doesn’t let pet hair, dust or household debris to accumulate.
  • Price of the machine is also not very high. It’s very affordable and comes in $100 range.
  • The dehumidifier dimensions are 12 x 15 x 23.2 inches,, and it weighs around 42 pounds.

How much square feet area, it can dehumidify?
It’s capable enough to dehumidify large basements up to 10000square feet.

How’s the maintenance cost of this humidifier?
There is no specific maintenance cost as such. But if you use and clean it regularly. It will last for years without any glitch.

What is the warranty for this built-in pump that comes with it?
The pump has one year of warranty while Sealed Refrigerant System has around five years of warranty.

Can I manually control the drainage?
No, it happens continuously, you can’t let the bucket fill.

4- SilverOnyx

SilverOnyx Air Purifier with True HEPA Carbon Filter

This is also a very different dehumidifier. I will call it dehumidifier cum Air Purifier. It comes with True HEPA Carbon Filter. It is suitable for small rooms to large rooms. It eliminates your room from Allergies, Smoke, Dust, Mold, and other fungi breeding in your atmosphere. This product comes with money back guarantee. If you are not happy with the product, you can only return the product with no question asked. Below are its main features.

  • It has five level of purification. Its strong combination filter includes a mesh filter, HEPA Carbon filter, UV-C light and ion generator. This perfect combination makes sure that you have the purest form of air in your room.
  • The company claims that it can remove up to 99.97% impurities from the sky. It works up to 0.3 microns levels.
  • The air flow control is controlled automatically balanced by its sensors to provide you with with the best possible comfort.

Can It remove the smoke?
Yes, It does.

How to use the ion generator?
You have to turn it on manually. Usually, it’s off.

When do we have to change the filter?
We have to change the filter every six months.

Is it an excellent alternative to dehumidifiers?
I will say, it depends. If you have the only humidity problem, then it is not required. But the air is indeed contaminated then it is much recommended for you.

5- Honeywell Portable Air Conditioner

Portable Air Conditioner with Dehumidifier

This is again an excellent product by Honeywell. This dehumidifier comes with a fan and suitable up to 550Sq feet room. It is easy to use and comes with a remote control that you can use for monitor purpose. It is quick and has a stable air flow. ASHRAE-128 Standard comes with 12000 BTU while DOE+ 2017 Standard has 6500 BTU. The build quality of this Honeywell Air Conditioner is very unique, it doesn’t have a bucket or any drip hose. It comes with auto evaporation system. It can remove up to 70 pints of moisture in 24 hours. It has 163 CFM air flow. Below are some of the essential features that you should know.

  • Its dimensions are 15.2 x 18.1 x 29.3 inches, and it weighs around 68.3 pounds.
  • This portable 3 in 1 different air conditioner makes cooling and dehumidification really easy for you.
  • Installation is also straightforward. It comes with caster wheels, you can just put it wherever you find it comfortable.
  • Auto evaporation gives you freedom from the continuous drainage and bucket emptying process.

Is it noisy?
It is a bit noisy but not irritating. As it comes with the fan, obviously it will make some sound.

Can I use it with a sliding window?
Yes, you can.

Where is the air vent in the machine?
It’s in the back.

How’s the size of the panel?
It comes in two sizes. Once is 12-14 inches while other has a sliding panel that you can use with vertical window.

6- Homelabs Small Dehumidifier

Homelabs Small Dehumidifier

This dehumidifier is built for small usage purposes. It comes with 1200 cu and can dehumidify up to 150 sq ft area. It is suitable for bathroom and closet. This thermoelectric dehumidifier has auto shut off feature and saves a lot of energy. It can extract up to 500ml of humidity from the air in 24 hours. Dimensions of the machine are 6.5″ x 5.3″ x 8.5″ inches, and it weighs only 2.6 pounds. It has an excellent rating online and very popular among the users who want a dehumidifier for their small space.

  • It is driven by thermoelectric Peltier technology. It works with low watt adapter so that you don’t have the tension of overheating.
  • It also has LED Indicator which gives you the information about tank so that you know when to remove the water.
  • It dries the air, and that helps in removal of all the allergens and mould from the air
  • It is very lightweight and easy to use. You can carry it wherever you go.

What is the height of the dehumidifier?
The height of the dehumidifier is 5.3 inches.

Can this item be shipped to India?
No, It’s not available, and even in the US also they have some deliverable constraints.

Can I change the percentage of dehumidification?
No, you can’t. You can only switch it On and Off.

Can I use it for the bigger room?
The company recommends to use it up to 150 sq feet. If your room is really bigger. It won’t work properly.

7- Ivation 50-Pint Energy Star Dehumidifier

 Ivation 50-Pint Energy Star Dehumidifier

This is a 50pint Compressor Dehumidifier and suitable up to 3,000 Sq Ft. It has a lot of features that include Programmable Humidistat, Hose Connector, and it also has an Auto Shutoff/Restart option. The dehumidifier comes with a washable filter, and that makes it easy to use and easy to clean. It is suitable for large rooms, and basements. It removes 50 pints of moisture in a single day. Below are some of its main features.

  • It is a very powerful machine and eliminates the dust mites, allergens, moulds and mildew from the air. It makes the air odor good and healthy at the same time.
  • It has a low maintenance cost, very easy to use. Simple plugin and start using it. It comes with 1.3-gallon reservoir.
  • It also has LED Display that gives you information about humidity, fan speed, timer and filter alert.

What is the warranty period this item?
It comes with one year of warranty.

Can I use it with my basement?
Yes, you can.

When should we enter the bucket?
If you are running it continuously the probably you have to empty it twice in 24 hours.

What’s the cost of this dehumidifier?
It’s affordable. You can check the price on Amazon Website.

8- Coway AP-1512HH

Coway AP-1512HH

Company calls it a powerful air purifier. This one comes with a lot of features which included air quality and filter change indicator. You also get two mode options as well. One is ionized and the second one is eco mode. You can also adjust the fan speed up to three levels. The timer can be changed from one to eight hours depending on the usage. The Noise level is less than 50 decibels. It works perfectly up to 500sq feet area. The product dimensions are 16.8*18.3*9.6 inches. It has an air flow rate of 7.6 CMM. Below are some of the main features that you should know.

  • It comes with four stage filtration that includes pre-filter, odor filter, HEPA and bipolar ionizer.
  • It eliminates the dust mites, moulds and fungi from the atmosphere and also makes the odor good at the same time.
  • Its sensors give you the real-time air quality that is really one of the unique features that you will not find in any other machine.
  • Its auto mode adjusts the air fan speed depending on air quality driven by smart sensors.
  • Bipolar Ionizer generates the electrochemical reaction that removes particles from the air.

Does it come with the filter when we buy it?
Yes, it does.

What is the duration for one filter?
HEPA Filter, you have to replace every year while Carbon filter is needed to be replaced every six months. You can find the full kit combo on Amazon.

Does it have a money back guarantee?
Yeah, for a limited period. You can return the product on Amazon if you are not satisfied.

How much maximum area it can cover?
It works well till 500sq feet. For bigger areas, it will a little bite longer time.

9- Best Choice Products 3-in-1

portable dehumidifier

This product is by Best Choice Company and comes with 3 in 1 technology. It has 10,000 BTU with cooling fan with four dehumidifier modes. You also get a programmable timer with this air conditioner that you can use for 24 hours of programming. You also get the remote control, LED Display and other features as well. You can use it for home, apartment or office as well. The company says it is recommended up to 200 sq ft area. In Summer, it does cooling while in winter, it keeps you warm. The remote control has a long range, and you can control the AC anywhere from the room. The Machine dimensions are 12.25″x11.5″x27.75″ inches. Below are some of the main features of the machine.

  • It quickly cools your room, you can change the speed of the fan in two different levels.
  • It can easily be installed in the horizontal or vertical window with a hose for drainage.
  • It is portable as it comes with caster wheels. You can easily port it from one place to another.
  • The cord length is 78 inches, , and the machine weight is 49.5 lbs.
  • Once you make the purchase, you get the full kit that includes AC, RC, Exhaust hose adapter, window seal plate and other required accessories.

How often does the water drain?
It drains automatically through the hose pipe, you don’t have to worry about that.

How is the build quality of the product?
The build quality of the product is pretty good.

With what kind of window does it fit perfectly?
You can use it for vertical or horizontal opening window.

Do I need to buy the humidifier as well?
No, If you buy this machine, there is no need for humidifier as it comes with 3 in 1 technology.

10- Black + Decker 12000 BTU

black and decker dehumidifier

Black and Decker are known for its amazing and affordable products. This portable AC comes with 10000 BTU Heater and also has many other features that make it a perfect purchase. It has LED Display, you can control the AC with remote control and move it easily as it has four caster wheels.
It works perfectly with 200 – 300 Sq ft area and you can use it for your bedroom, garage or dorm. It works both ways, it cools your room in the summer and gives you warmth in the winter.

  • You can use it with a double-hung or sliding window without any problem.
  • It is designed perfectly to give you the fresh air and convenient at the same time. It has strong airflow with vertical motion it provides a smooth experience.
  • The power requirements are 115V, 950Watts and 60Hz.
  • It is completely noise-free, even on high settings, it produces less than 50 decibels of sound.
  • In Product Kit, you get exhausted hose (4feet), window kit, Remote control and other required accessories.

With 8000BTU, How much difference, I will see in power bill?
The power bill difference will be nominal. It’s a very efficient machine and doesn’t consume much power.

What size of round duct, I have to make if I want exhaust through the wall?
It should be around 5″ inches in diameter.

What outlet does it use?
It’s a three prong outlet that comes with Test and Reset button.

Will It work with the window 48″ inches in length?
It should work.

11- Whynter ARC-14SH 14,000

dehumidifier with pump

This is one of the most popular product by Whynter Company on Amazon. It is a perfect combination of an air conditioner, heater and dehumidifier. It also has an activated carbon filter that gives you the purest form of air. The company recommends that it is suitable up to 500sq ft of area. The machine dimensions are 19″x16″x35.5″ inches. It has a 24 hours programmable timer. The cooling can be done from 61°F – 89°F while heating can be adjusted between 61°F – 77°F this range. Below are some the main features of Whynter ARC 14SH that you should know.

  • You get 46-inch window kit, air carbon filter, washable pre-filter and an upgraded plastic window.
  • You also get extendable exhaust hose up to 60 inches.
  • It’s dehumidified capacity is 101 pints per day that clearly boast about it quick and powerful mechanism.
  • You can also adjust the fan speed up to three levels.
  • The Window kit length varies from 20 inches to 46 inches.

What’s the internal diameter of the drain hose?
It 3.8″ inches in diameter.

How does heater mode work with this item?
It works great, you can use it in winter. It takes the air from the room and blows through the coil to keep the room temperature optimum.

How’s the sound this Whynter Product?
It’s a bit noisy. Noisier than other products.

How does the Auto Shut Off Work?
You set the temperature in the AC and once it reaches to that temperature. It shuts off automatically.

12- Frigidaire Dehumidifier

dehumidifier for bathroom

It is a 70-pint Frigidaire humidifier that controls the humidity of your room effortlessly and provides you with the perfect environment. It has noise level more than 50db that is bit high. It runs on 115v and dehumidifies 70 pints per day. The dehumidifier is quick, and it eliminates the mold and mildew breeding from the environment by removing the excess moisture. You can read the humidity level in the room through LED Indicators. It also has 24 hours timer and auto lock feature. Below are some of the main features that you should know.

  • It also works on a low-temperature operation that saves a lot of money.
  • Build Quality of the dehumidifier is pretty good. It looks classy and durable at the same time.
  • It can work in 150 sq feet to 350 sq feet area. It will work for larger space as well but will take a bit longer.

How much can area 30 pint dehumidifier handle?
A 30-pint dehumidifier is suitable up to 300 sq feet of area.

Is this dehumidifier loud?
It is a bit louder. It produces around 70 decibels of sound on low setting.

What is the diameter of exhaust hose for drainage?
It’s between 6 to 8 inches in diameter.

How should I replace the filter?
It comes with a reusable filter. You can just wash it and use it again and again.

13- Ionic Pro 90IP01TA01W

industrial dehumidifier

If you hate noise and looking for a product that is entirely silent then this could be a choice for you. This ionic pro quiet air purifier destroys all the germs in one hour and gives you the perfect fresh air which is good in odor as well. The company claims that it can remove up to 99.9% allergens, irritants and dust mites from the air. It exponentially decreases the possibility of cold and flu viruses. You can quickly clean the filter and use it multiple times, no replacement is required. It is also very energy efficient as well as the company claims that it uses less energy than a fluorescent bulb.

  • It comes with sleek design and suitable to use in room, office and dorms.
  • The machine is easy to use, its front-loading blades make it more convenient.
  • It is suitable up to 500Sq ft, , but you can use it for larger areas as well.

Is Ionizer safe to use?
Yes, it is entirely safe. Tens of thousands of people are using this product all around the world, and nobody ever raised a problem because of its ionisation.

Can I buy it in India as well?
I think you can, but Electric plug will be different for the country as the current volt varies.

Does it also change the room odor?
Yes,, it does. Once the airborne microorganisms are killed, you will see a drastic difference in the room odor.

Does it remove the dust from the room as well?
It doesn’t remove the dust from the room. It only removes tiny particles and adds the ozone that kills the allergens in the air.

14- TOSOT 50 Pint Dehumidifier

50 pint dehumidifier

This is a 50-pint dehumidifier and Energy Star Certified. It is suitable up to large spaces up to 3000 sq. ft. If you are looking for a dehumidifier that works well on large areas like basements and halls, then this could be an option for you. It reduces the moulds and moisture from the environment. It is very quick and produces very less sound. At its highest settings, it produces max 50 decibels of music only. This product is most suitable for the basements and brings the humidity level below 55% in quick time. Below are some main features of this dehumidifier.

  • If you are using it continuously, then you have to empty the bucket in every 5-6 hours. The bucket comes with an ergonomic handle that makes it easy to carry and use.
  • LED Display provides you with an ample amount of data to understand what is actually happening in the room. What is the temperature and humidity level in the atmosphere?
  • You can also change the fan speed and use the 24 hours sleep timer. You can also activate the non-stop drainage function as well.
  • If you have a basement which is full of damp air and you are just fed up of that musty smell, then this dehumidifier is highly recommended for you.

Can I use it for tiny space?
You can. But it should fit in there first. You should need at least 30 feet of margin.

What will happen once the bucket gets filled and I don’t empty it?
It will be switched off so that you don’t have water spilling problem.

Does it cool the basement?
No, probably it will warm the basement. Because the air will become drier.

Is it portable, Can I move it around from one place to another?
It comes with the wheels, easy to move around. It’s recommended to empty the bucket first then only move it from one place to another.

15- Honeywell MM14CCSdehumidifier in ac

This Honeywell Portable Air Conditioner comes at last but still can’t be ignored. It also has got pretty decent reviews online. It comes with dehumidifier and fan as well and works best up to 700 sq feet of area. You also get the remote control to control it wirelessly from any corner of your room.
It can adjust the temperature between 61F to 89F. ASHRAE-128 standard comes with 14000 BTU while Doe+ 2017 standard comes with 7500 BTU.

  • It comes with auto evaporation so that you don’t have to empty the bucket again and again.
  • It also has a long-lasting,, washable filter that keeps your room clean from the dust.
  • It is quick and easy to install, suitable for both horizontal and vertical windows.
  • In higher humidity condition, the machine comes with dual drainage options that provide your more flexibility.

What is the length of the exhaust hose?
It’s extendable up to 59 inches.

How does dehumidifier work?
A dehumidifier is powerful and removes up to 110 pints of moisture from the air.

How many speed modes do we get?
You will be getting 3-speed modes here.

Does it consume too much power?
It depends on the humidity level and how long you are using it.


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