Sony ps4 Virtual Reality Headset Price in India

Sony ps4 Virtual Reality Headset Price in India

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Sony ps4 Virtual Reality Headset Price in India

Ps4 vr is going to launch and you can listen people humming around about playstation vr headset. In India we have around more than one million ps4 gaming freaks. But In India these gamers find themselves completely confused about this ps4 vr launch, when playstation vr headset is going to lauch in India, what would be the price of playstation vr headset in India and lot more confusions are getting piled up.

One should expect the price for Playstation VR when it comes to India around Rs. 39,990. Because, India comes in the European territories for Sony.

As we know Sony is feared about too much demand of ps4 vr headset. As of now they didn’t confirm anything. It seems, firstly they are focusing on the US and UK Market. Later on They would expand on other region as well. So If you are the one among those who are desperately waiting for PS4 vr headset in India. There are following things you should know.

  1. PS4 VR Games in India: Sony Company has claimed that there would be around 50 games available at the time of launch compatible with playstation vr headset.
  1. PS4 VR Design: Playstation VR headset is the most stylish vr headset available in the market. You might have seen astronauts wearing these kinds of glowing fancy big goggles while exploring the world.
  1. PS4 Price & Quality: It is cheaper than Oculus and HTC Vive, But In gaming quality and content availability It’s better than them.There are following technical specifications about Playstation vr headset.

  • Display: OLED
  • Screen size: 5.7-inches
  • Resolution: 1920xRGBx1080
  • Refresh rate: 120Hz, 90Hz
  • Sensors: 360 degree
  • Field of view: 100 degrees
  • Latency: less than 18ms
  • Controller: DS4, PS Move

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