Titan’s Wrath Slot Game

Gaming is definitely one of the greatest stress relievers in today’s time. Many individuals take out some time from their hectic schedules to indulge in some games to calm their minds and engage with some competitive spirit. There are many games available online and the same can be downloaded and installed in your devices. You can play them as and when you like within the comfortable space of your homes.

Titan’s Wrath is offered by Game Mania Studios and is absolutely free of cost. You can simply download and start playing after the installation is complete. The game is introduced with smoother functioning as the bugs have been fixed and it has already had 1,000,000 installations and is still counting. The game requires a few permissions which includes your media, contacts, microphone, etc like any other game but the journey is really interesting. You have to maintain a pace when you start off the game. Do not try to hurry in the beginning as that would be an initial phase where you are probably learning how the game will proceed moving forward. To understand the game’s functions in specific, let’s dive deeper into the details.

Gaming Specifications

  • Size: 95M
  • Installations: 1,000,000 and more
  • Content Rating: 12 or more
  • Support: Android 2.3 or more
  • Version: 3.7.11
  • Interaction: Digital Buys
  • Within application products: Rs. 121.79 to Rs. 6119.39 per product
  • Offered by: Game Mania Studios
  • Permissions needed: Contacts, Media, Storage, Phone, Microphone
  • No. of players: 6 (multiplayer)
  • Age restriction: 21 or more
  • Cost: Free
  • Compatibility: iOS as well as Android
  • Genre: Animated game
  • Add ons: Free spins and bonus games

Titan’s Wrath Slot Game


Whenever you start the game always keep in mind not to rush and keep it slow. Your focus must initially be on making more and more credits so as to remain resourceful by the time the game begins to take shape. Playing at a fast pace in the beginning itself may put you under pressure of losing the game soon. So it is wise to start slowly and understand the game properly by taking cautious moves. Further the game is super fun as it is a multiplayer game. The game has the capacity of allowing as many as 6 members to play the game. So you do not have to play solo. You can invite your friends and have your own sweet time.

The game is based on a greek mythology which is based on the clashes between the Titans and their wrath which turns out to be chaotic. You would notice different types of characters in the game which would bring a lot of twists and turns to your story. You can choose which characters you want in your team and make the best decision by picking strong characters so that the chances of you winning the game are increased multifold. If you are not willing to play it with your friends, then you can play solo as well in which people across the world would be playing the same game and would be competing against you. The idea is to survive for as long as possible and keep your resources intact so that you can go forward in the game without much difficulty and establish your name amongst the highest ranks on the leaderboard.

What is interesting?

It is always important to break the monotony and try something new. Everytime there is some space for updates therefore the game has brought in some new characters enhancing your fun. Even the slightest possibilities of bugs have been taken care of while introducing this game. In addition to that, sound mechanics has an important role to play. The sound introduced within the process is so interesting that it adds to the level of fun you are already experiencing. Apart from that the graphics used are extremely captivating for the users to love the game. You do not have to worry about which device you own as the game is extremely compatible with iOS as well as Android. Also, you do not have to fear about losing your progress when you change your location. All you need to do is carry your phone with you and the game will continue along and you can resume from the level which you have already attained.


The game gives you several chances of having free spins. You need to make the best use of it and earn as many rewards as possible. Further, it offers you with mini games which are really exciting to play and you can pump up your resources from there. Then there comes a bonus game that you can use to increase the credits in your bucket. You can also play with the players across the world and that’s when you get a chance of winning a huge jackpot. You can turn on the lucky mode and play smoothly against your opponents.Within the application products allow you to collect coins ranging from $ 1.99 to $ 9.99. Further you can collect gems which range from $ 0.99 to $ 6.99. These exciting rewards that show up not just in the end but from time to time in the game, keep your journey adventurous and going for a good deal of time.


The game brings with it a lot of free slots and more options for fun. There is a whole new series of adventure that the game entails with it. However, there are small precautions that are required to be taken by the players who wish to play the game. There is a restriction on the age. Players of the age 21 or more can play this game. The game is ideally not for children. Also, it is made with the intention so that everybody should get entertained and receive the joy of earning rewards and getting a chance to win the jackpot. You have the opportunity to throw a challenge on your friends and compete against them and see your rank climbing up on the leaderboard.

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