This year has been path-breaking for VR technology and its inventions! giant companies which were earlier into phones and other gadgets have all become most successful virtual companies. Coming out with interesting augmented reality devices. If you are looking to either work or just for information purpose these companies then here are the top 6 virtual reality companies. The VR market is expected to grow from $1.4 billion this year to $2.4 billion by next year.

Follow the steps to know the VR giants.

Top 6 Virtual Reality Companies

Top Virtual Reality Company #1

Oculus VR

top 6 virtual reality companies

Oculus Vr, or simply known as Oculus, was founded in 2012 at California. They launched Oculus Rift for out-of-the-world virtual Reality gaming experience. Facebook acquired Oculus in 2014. It paid $2 billion for product, not even shipping. Two important facts of this Company are:

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  •  Oculus Rift not only lead the game area but also in business area! For example… Some 5 star hotels could show their distant hotels to guests with Oculus Rift headset.
  • Two of the top programmers, Michael Abrash and John Carmack joined its development team. This was a big achievement for them.

Top Virtual Reality Company #2


top 6 virtual reality companies

Google is one company that always combines simplicity with powerful technology. This gave rise to the $15 headset that is made of cardboard in 2014. It is named as Google Cardboard. It’s one of the oldest, cheapest and is a perfect vr headset for android, ios and more. Google does not develop software like other virtual reality stock companies, but gives it to other developers.

Top Virtual Reality Company #3


top 6 virtual reality companies

Microsoft is not left behind in the VR race. By releasing HoloLens, which allows you to interact with holograms through your headsets. This is vastly used by professionals like designers, architects workers and engineers. See below how Microsoft has incorporated special features into HoloLens:

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  • Windows 10 is the first platform that supports holographic computing.
  • Love traveling? Eanna plan a trip to Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex? Enjoy a vr experience destination: Mars. Open throughout December 2016.
  • Create your own mixed reality videos that feature holographic characters and effects!


Top Virtual Reality Company #4


top 6 virtual reality companies

One of the leading names in electronics entered the vr world and took it by storm! How? let me tell you about one of these successful virtual companies called Sony! Sony has some 366 patents for VR technology. It’s interest in gaming was evident from the launch of PlayStation and Project Morpheus. This feature will help PlayStation 4 users use VR!

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Top Virtual Reality Company #5

HTC Vive

top 6 virtual reality companies

HTC Vive is a Virtual Reality headset, developed by HTC. It has handheld controllers that are motion-tracked. It gives the ability to walk around. It’s more like augmented reality devices, because you can actually get immersed in environments and vividly manipulate objects. You can actually get up and move around the entire room! Definitely worth virtual reality stocks to buy.


Top Virtual Reality Company #6


top 6 virtual reality companies

Samsung is one of the top virtual reality stocks 2016. Samsung is truly a threat to all its competitors. Samsung Gear VR changed the virtual reality game in the market. Samsung is known for a reason in the VR world. It has edded details to its VR gears keeping in mind comfort and utmost VR experience. The main characteristics of this vr headset are as follows:

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  • It comes with a good, strong strap holder. Best way to enjoy epic movies!
  • Who doesn’t prefer light weight? 345 gms so that you can enjoy extended sessions.
  • Comfort at its best. Foam cushioning makes it very comfortable.

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