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Three Companies Ruling the Virtual Reality World

The one specific thing that made various  companies to invest and work in the field of virtual reality is that this technology is miles ahead in the terms of potential and capabilities than other existing technologies. Virtual reality has a lot to offer. And the increasing craze over people for virtual reality shows its going to be the technology of the coming time. Since the beginning of VR up till now, a large companies have come up with different models and designs of vr devices.

Lets discuss about some of the top vr companies

Facebook/Oculus VR : oculus Rift bags the tittle of the leader in the vr market. Oculus started its stint in vr through a kickstarter campaign to raise funds for the further development of its product. This campaign turned to be very successful and instantly Mark Zuckerberg purchased Oculus VR for US$ 2 billion, and now Oculus VR is a part of Facebook. Oculus even managed to get the top programmers Michael  Abrash and John Carmack into  its team of developers. Oculus has launched 5 vr devices of which last was it’s consumer’s version,though the other devices also attracted a large number of vr buffs

Virtual Reality Companies

Google :  Google is also one of the top vr companies. What makes it stand apart from its competitors is Google Cardboard. Cardboard is the best and the cheap vr headset.Unlike the hefty,rubber,plastic or metal body headsets ,Google cardboard is just made of cardboard. Easy to assemble,google cardboard allows using vr apps on the android platform.Thus google cardboard gives the best immersive experience,in an inexpensive way. Google is also experimenting with other applications of virtual reality as well.

Virtual Reality Companies


World Viz : It works for universities,private business and government institutions to develop immersive visualization. Most of the vr companies focus on developing games and other multimedia apps basically foe entertainment, but World Viz works to develop  3D models for architecture or product visualization or safety simulation.Since the cost incurred in making  virtual display of designs of buildings is less than real physical tangible models therefore this company lures a large number of customers.

Virtual Reality Companies

These are the top three virtual reality companies that might rule the world. But There are also other startups and electronic companies like Samsung, HTC are also wrestling for the VR Space. Let’s wait and watch who gonna rule the world.


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