Best Virtual Reality Horror Games

Horror movies add spice to the cinematic world. Similarly, the VR world that brings everything into reality is incomplete without the horror genre. So if you are looking forward to play the scariest virtual reality game then you are at the right place! Whether you are searching these scary virtual games for your android, iOS or PC, you are at the right place.

Best VR Scary Games | Top Horror Games

If you want to experience terrifying stories on, I take you through the best Virtual Reality Horror Games that you can play using HTC Vive headsets or Oculus Rift headsets or even Google Cardboard.

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Best Virtual Reality Horror Games

Best Virtual Reality Horror Games #1

Dead Secret

Best Virtual Reality Horror GamesIt’s a typical murder mystery. You are based in a farmhouse where you need to solve a murder mystery. This paranormal activity game vr was originally for Gear VR but then players could play it on Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. These are the followings you should know about this game.

  • You go through various clues like love letters, newspaper ads and fingerprints!
  • The most interesting part of this best virtual reality horror game is that there are five endings. So, I am sure you will love to play it again and again, at least five times!

Best Virtual Reality Horror Games #2


Best Virtual Reality Horror GamesThis is one of the scariest virtual reality game. And I mean like seriously! You can pee in your pants, it’s that scary. Although it is a simple horror vr game. The game is all about being in a dungeon. Basically you are trapped in a dungeon. Below are some of its features:

  • The surprise is that you don’t have any weapons. All you got a small lantern, which has limited oil.
  • In addition, you need to escape the dark, scary place by being quiet and sneaking out of the monsters to whom the dungeon belongs! Every time the dungeon changes. Enjoy!

Best Virtual Reality Horror Games #3

A Chair in a room

Best Virtual Reality Horror GamesWhat sounds so simple is not so simple. This game was originally made for Google Cardboard. Though now it can be played on both Google Cardboard and Gear VR. If you are a girl and want to play girly games for ps4, you have to check this link.

  • You are sitting in a chair and different things happen. You can’t get up. You can’t defend.
  • Now watch how you shiver and get scared. There’s also a special version for HTC Vive called ‘A chair in a  room: Greenwater.’ It includes longer story, keeping in mind the HTC Vive’s full room-scale function.
  • Are you ready to play one of the scariest virtual reality games?

Best Virtual Reality Horror Games #4


Best Virtual Reality Horror GamesNothing can be more threatening than being on a dilapidated. Of course, you are all alone. This cargo ship is a home to monster who eats flesh of human beings. Now can you imagine your state? You have to repair the ship and escape the monsters.

  • There are total 3 monsters and you don’t know where they will come from. In fact you aren’t familiar with any part of the ship.
  • If you are caught and you die, you start again without having clue because the design of the ship changes! Sounds interesting? Then go, play one of the scariest virtual reality game. It can be played at stream or on Oculus Rift.

Best Virtual Reality Horror Games #5


Best Virtual Reality Horror GamesThis is the ultimate game experience you can have in VR horror genre. You can some of the most amazing unblocked games right, these free fun unblocked games include some of the best amazing sonic games as well

  • Sisters is available for Google Cardboard and Gear VR, and a version will be arriving for Vive soon.
  • There is a big storm and y take shelter in a house, that’s spooky, deserted. Did you know about it? There is a frame of two sisters. You think they must living here. But you have no idea they are going to come and haunt you and do things that you will shit!

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