how to find my iphone

How to find iphone location|log in|app|turn off|lost mode|Stolen: There are hundreds of millions of iphone users around the world. And There is a common problem that every iphone user faces now and then. That is how to find my iphone depending on situation, sometimes they have misplaced it somewhere and sometimes it is stolen. So if you are on those victim who frequently searches on the internet how to find my iphone login, find my iphone online, find my iphone on mac and find my iphone for android like queries on the internet. Then You are at right place.

how to find my iphone

Today We would be discussing about all the possible ways that you can try out to find your iphone location. If you are a new iphone user and don’t know how to use in-built settings option of find iphone, we would also discuss that. Below are the following questions that people are mailing us since last few days.

  • How to find my iphone from Computer

  • How to find my iphone using Android

  • How to find my iphone mobile using icloud

  • How to find stolen iphone

  • Find my iphone app for android

If you requirement also matches one of the above mentioned problems. You are at right place. Today We would cover all the important aspects about finding my iphone. Firstly let me share my story how I found my iphone.

How I found My iphone:

I read this story somewhere and sound interesting to me. So, I thought of sharing it with you. This is the story of james bruce, how he found his mobile in his words.

One day I got to know that my wife has lost her mobile somewhere in the office. Maybe She dropped or misplaced it somewhere. Thankfully She informed me quickly and I logged into her iCloud account and follow the iphone location all the way back to my address. This helped a lot saving her the anxiety of searching around the whole office for a phone that was already stolen from there. We instantly locked the phone and sent a polite message asking that person to return the mobile phone for a small reward. We also can go for employee database to cross-check the address with the mobile current location.

Interestingly, The very next day we found the iphone on her desk itself and when she arrived she found the phone had been anonymously returned with no reward asked for.

This interesting story has a happy ending but not everyone has the same. So Apple’s free Find My iPhone service is also able to deal with consequences to save your data and other important information.

Find My iphone wihout app (iphone in-built feature)

What is find my iphone Settings:

As we know for Apple Company, Security is the top most priority. That’s why they always update their security features and try their best to make it safe. Beauty of iphone is this, that it is so consciously designed and all of its products can be used many available features that are made not just to make your device extremely protected but also they try to make sure that your data is safe and completely protected. These are the following things you should know about find my iphone settings.

  • One of the most amazing feature of iphone that I personally like the most is Find My iPhone, which enables its iphone user to locate iphone device, track your iphone, or otherwise you can also flag your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Apple Watch, or Mac as well, in case it is lost, stolen, or otherwise missing.
  • Find My iPhone is a very helpful tool and I would strongly recommend using because it helps me to locate my iphone without any app. To locate your iphone you need to sign in to your icloud account and from there you can track exact location of your iphone.
  • There are other apps available in the market that claims to find my iphone online free, find my iphone offline stolen, find my iphone from computer and much more. But Still I would say the most reliable source that you can rely upon for finding your iphone is this inbuilt feature find my iphone only.

How to use Find My iphone in-built service:

To enable is this service is pretty simple. Follow below given steps and you would get to know how to enable this iphone service. As we know it’s completely free and can help you out to get out any bad situation if in-case. I think that there is no reason for not setting up this service.

To start, you should have an iCloud account. And Probably if i am not wrong your iCloud uses the same username and password as your iTunes account. If you are not logged in. Follow the below given steps:

  1. Click on the Settings app
  2. Click on iCloud icon
  3. Then go to Account and login
  4. Here you are supposed to enter your iCloud username and password.

Enabling Find My iPhone in the iCloud Settings

how to set up find my iphone

Once iCloud option is enabled, you can enable your Find My iPhone and you’re all set. To do that, follow these steps (if you’re already on the iCloud screen:

  1. Click on Settings
  2. Then go to iCloud
  3. Then click on Find My iPhone
  4. Move the Find My iPhone slider to On (iOS 5 and 6) or green (iOS 7 and up)

It completely depends on what version of the iOS you’re actually using, you might get a notification of switching on your GPS System and from there, You may need to tap Allow to turn on Find My iPhone.

Find My Android Phone:

So if you are not an iphone user and have an android mobile. In that case as well, you can download the app and install it. This app is extremely secure and help you out to have full safety of your android mobile. This app is called Android Device Manager.

Follow these steps to enjoy best Android Mobile finder App

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