Virtual Reality Accessories

VR has definitely picked up in recent years and of course it will gain momentum in the coming years! I am sure game lovers like you and I enjoy VR more than traditional gaming. Virtual Reality video games are an amazing experience on Oculus Rift and HTC Vive or even Samsung Gear. But do you know for real immersion and better experience you need something more. That’s where the virtual reality accessories come at play!

Best VR Peripherals | Top VR Accessories

Verizon virtual reality goggles or even iphone virtual reality goggles are not enough to give you a complete Virtual Reality experience.

To enjoy the game. Follow the steps……..

Best Virtual Reality Accessories

Top Virtual Reality Accessories #1

Oculus Touch

Virtual Reality Accessories

The best virtual reality gear, these semi-circular controllers are called Oculus Touch. It consists of controllers in which you can stick your hands. Oculus Touch has haptic feedback, thumbstick, four buttons, sensors and a trigger. If you are a coder and interested in virtual reality coding then, you can learn more about virtual reality programming languages here.

  • Oculus Touch completes the Oculus experience. Use it with Oculus Rift headsets and you will be able to play many more games from the Oculus library.
  • In addition, these Touch controllers will give you a sense of touch and is much better than a gamepad. This should be used with Oculus virtual reality headset.

Top VR Accessories #2


Virtual Reality Accessories

Impulse Gear – a VR studio based in San Francisco developed the Sony-approved peripheral for the Move controller.

  • With the PS VR Aim Controller, you can play the shooter smoothly. That’s why it’s one of the best virtual reality gear.
  • It includes thumbstick, directional pad and bumper buttons, which works just like any other move accessory.
  • Sleek design, easier to hold and lighter, this is one accessory you must own if you are playing Farpoint.

Top VR Peripheral #3

Manus VR

Virtual Reality Accessories

As VR takes a leap into the future, the tech companies are coming up with ways of making VR experience more and more immersive.

  • The accessory designers are trying to develop such peripherals that gives you freedom from even holding controllers.
  • Just like Hands Omni, GloveOne and Manus are in the early phases of development. But they are trying to come close.

Best Virtual Reality Peripheral #4

Virtuix Omni

Virtual Reality Accessories

This omni-directional treadmill is one of the unusual and top virtual reality accessory. It allows you to roam around in VR.

  • The Vurtuix Omni connects to both Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.
  • You can run, walk and spin. Though it has its own issues yet if you wanna experience going everywhere yourself in VR then you must get it. It’s priced at $699.

Best Virtual Reality Accessories #5


Virtual Reality Accessories

It’s a small device that is quite unique and has surprised the VR market. It is a forearm band that helps you move your hand in reality.

  • Move your hands and form shapes with them and this little virtual reality gear will make it digital.
  • You can even feel the objects of the game with the unlimited hand. It goes one step further and you get immersed into the Virtual Reality games.
  • You can connect it to Oculus Rift headsets or HTC Vive headsets via Bluetooth. Having a haptic feedback technology, it detects and influences your movements.

“Which One is the best VR Accessory, Let us know in the Comments Below.”

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