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Download VR Apps | Best VR apps For mobiles

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Download VR Apps

Virtual reality is  a technology that converts virtual world into reality. It has the ability to make impossible, possible. With the boom in virtual reality, the innovations in this technology are increasing. In this smartphone age, the access to virtual world has become more easy. You just need to install the VR apps and then be ready to be lost in virtual world.

Google cardboard excels in terms of affordability. It is the cheapest way to have access to vr apps that will give a complete life like experience. Others in the queue are Samsung gear, Oculus Rift, that excels in terms of immersive technology.

If you want to experience immersive multimedia, you must try these top VR apps

  • IN MIND VR App: In mind,a free game by google play services is a must try one.This game takes you to the ride of a patient’s mind,where you the to rectify the neurons that caused mental disorder. Sitting on a nano shuttle  you have to accomplish this work being guided by a voice. A definite color differenciate a normal neuron from  a defected one.when the defected one is rectified it turns into the color of normal.Download VR Apps
  • SISTERS VR App: Developed by otherworld interprise, it is a horror game, that will make you feel what actually horror is. If you are ready to go for it,then be ready to jump off your feet and scream with horror because sisters will give you a horrifying experience with a 360 degree visual effect.
  • DISCOVERY  VR App: Available on google play services,if you are a fan of discovery channel and it’s programs you must have this vr app.It provides you off screen clips of the shows you like most,heart-throbbing journeys and adventures and so much more. just check it out.

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