virtual reality money

virtual reality money

I remember, two years back, I was lying on the bed, thinking about the human race evolution. Human race has evolved so much. Millions of years ago Human invented fire then wheel, farming….and his curiosity never let him stop. He kept on going then Invention of electricity, bulb, printing press came…Auto mobiles….Computer….Internet… Mobiles…..Social Media.

These were the inventions that changed the human lives. Rather Calling them invention I would love to call them Revolution. Because These Scientific Changes indeed revolutionized the world.

But If I look into last 100 years, specifically starting from the invention of  Automobiles…. Computers…..  Internet….Mobiles…..Social Media. Whenever these Tech Revolution happened, One thing seems to be common, Always Big Chunk of money Rolled in. Billionaires and Multi-Millionaires were born. Rags to Riches Stories were written.

When Automobiles came into the picture Ford, Volkswagen like companies racked up billions of dollars. After mid nineties Apple and Microsoft brought personal computers and Bill Gates, Steve jobs, Paul Allen like geeks en-cashed multi-million dollar deals over a fort night. Then Came Internet Giants Yahoo, Google, AOL and I don’t think there is a need to explain how much money they made and still making. Then Mobile Revolutions took a whole world in to the storm. Billions of mobiles have been shipped till now and this mobile industry made more than thousand multi-millionaires around the world. Then Social Media Revolutions made whole world connected and companies like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instragram and many more sky rocketed. Young Nerds in their early twenties made huge fortune bought Ferraris and private jets.


virtual reality money


I thought this is the end. Human Race has Evolved so much. I was thinking this two years back. But Today I realize that I was wrong, this is not the end. Because Virtual Reality Revolution just started. Virtual Reality just came and blew the world in awe. I believe this would be the most amazing change that humans have ever experienced till now. It’s implications are so fascinating that we might start loving Virtual Reality more than Reality.

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Virtual Reality got the pace when Facebook bought Oculus Rift in staggering 2 Billion dollars. The whole world was taken aback… 2 Billion dollars. But The techies around the world didn’t take much time to realize that Virtual Reality is the New goldmine.

All Big Companies suddenly started talking about Virtual Reality. Investment in VR world has already eclipsed $1.1 billion after just two months in 2016, according to the Digi-Capital. whether number reached just $692 million in 2015.

It’s quite clear that interest in virtual reality is booming as major tech companies are trying to secure a place in this growing market. It is anticipated that the Virtual Reality market will reach around hundred billion dollars in next decade, which makes sense considering that heavy hitters such as Facebook, Sony, HTC, Microsoft, Google, and Samsung are all getting into the space.

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The Most Cheapest VR Headset in the World

Apart From These Giant Companies, Many New Startups has also ventured in to this market. VR Headsets production is at its peak. We can find VR Headsets in market starting from  $10 to $1000. It is estimated that this years itself more than 9.6 million VR Headsets would be shipped. IDC  Claims that Virtual Reality Market would grow by 184% compounded annually by 2020.

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I have personally used Oculus Rift and Experience is really fantastic. And If you haven’t what are you waiting for. I bet you would love it. Goldman Sachs has estimated that the Virtual Reality market will reach $80 billion by 2025.

80 Billion Dollar……I strongly believe that This is the Next Revolution that World is going to behold. I think in Next 10-20 Years more than 500 Millionaires and 10 Billionaires would be born in this Virtual World if My Statistics is not wrong. Let’s cross our fingers and wait to see what future holds for us.



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