Viva Slots Vegas Promo Codes

This new world has many new comforts to offer. With the advancing technologies to make lives easier, comfortable and convenient, people have more choices to invest their time, effort and money to realize their true potential. This is just one end of the spectrum. On the other hand, people have many commitments to indulge in their private as well as professional lives. Hence, to strike a perfect balance between the two worlds, there comes a plethora of avenues for people to take the middle ground. One of the most exciting avenues for this is gaming. It is one of the cherished and engaging endeavors that helps people to relax and unwind their daily chores.

There are many games available which can be played online as well as offline within just a click of a button away. These can be downloaded and installed in your systems and you could play them anywhere, anytime within the comfort spaces of your home. To substantiate this with an example, there is an exciting game called Viva Slots Vegas which is not only convenient and simple to play but also calms and soothes your mind. It takes you to different imaginary places, thanks to the ultimate graphics and algorithms that go behind building these kinds of interesting games. To understand more about the game, let’s dive deeper into the details mentioned below.

Gaming Specifications

  • Compatibility: Android and iOS devices
  • Cost: Free
  • Internet required: No WiFi needed
  • Size: 64 M
  • Support: Android 4.1 and more
  • Content Rating: 12 or more
  • Within application products: Rs. 46.06 or Rs. 25,400 per product
  • Version: 2.01.6
  • Interaction: Within game purchases
  • Permissions needed: WiFi, Storage, Media, Network
  • Installations: 1,000,000 and more
  • Offered by: Viva Slots Free Classic
  • Mode: Online or Offline
  • Las Vegas Slots: 60 and more
  • New games: every week

Viva Slots Vegas Promo Codes


This game is absolutely free of cost for the people who are really interested in slot games. You can simply go to the Play Store or App Store and download it and kickstart your journey towards unlocking new challenges in the game.

One of the most exciting features of this game is that it is compatible for both iOS and Android. Hence, it efficiently caters to the different set of users owing different operating devices. Another feature to complement this one, is the ease of playing and the medium of playing. With no external internet connection required for this game, you do not need to worry about fixing your internet connection or connecting it to a new connection source. With more than 1,000,000 installations so far, this game is one of the most played games by the users.

There are some exciting announcements at the end of the game, for example, the winning of a jackpot when you complete the entire series. To add to the exciting game strategy and continuing the momentum of the participants in the game, it introduces new and engaging games every week. This simple initiative not only enhances the attention span of the individuals but also spreads the positive word of mouth. Just to keep in mind is the permissible age limit on the playing of this game. This game is entirely built for adults and is not to be played by the children. Some caution should be exercised by the adults in this regard.

You even have the chance to provide your valuable feedback for the game as well as reach out to the team in case you face any issues with the game or you have a problem in understanding the procedure.

What is interesting?

It is always better to keep introducing new elements everytime so that there is a break in the monotony. Similarly, the game has introduced new features. New slots have been introduced for the Viva Slot fans. There are Olympian Heights Classic Slots that come with the most awaited Re spin feature. With inclusion of this feature, you get an extra spin in case your spin doesn’t go right.

The game would become so interesting that you would not be able to wait without sharing it as well as your scores with your friends. Further the game doesn’t even require any internet connection for you to have all the fun. There is an option of playing the game online as well. Just imagine how great it would be to see your rank up there on the leaderboard that too amongst the best players in the game across the world.


You can play in a classic way to avail all the free slots available. You can play triple sevens, diamond or cherries. Every week there are free games introduced. In addition to that, there are free bonuses as well as new bonus games. The game would never let you get bored as it keeps introducing various rewards as well as bonuses every now and then. In addition to more than 60 slots and fresh games week on week. Once you start playing the game, you would also understand how to level up your current state and at the same time, how to fill up your credit bucket and stay resourceful.


The game is really meant for the people who belong to a certain age group and not the younger generation. The intention of the design is specific to that. The game has the idea to entertain the audience and break the monotony of their regular lives so that they can take some time off and enjoy the game. There is no actual money involved in the game and nothing of that sort is promised while you enrol for the same. It is all about making credits and uplifting your rank as much as possible within a reasonable amount of time. Your prizes would not involve any real monetary benefits, so be sure of that. The game, like any other game is to keep you engaged for a good deal of time so that you can enjoy it.

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