Oculus Rift Killer App

After the launch of PS4, People around the world are looking for oculus app store and best oculus rift games. But still, they are unable to figure out best apps for oculus rift. So if you are also one of those confused people. You are at right place, today we would help you out in finding killer app for Oculus Rift. There are many good games for oculus rift available in the market that you can try out.

So Today in this article, we are going to discuss, best oculus rift games and best oculus rift apps as well that will help you out in finding your Oculus rift’s killer app.

To Enjoy the Killer App. Follow these Steps…. 

Best Oculus Rift Apps

The Body VR (Oculus Rift Killer App #1)

Oculus Rift Killer App

you might have encountered the your conventional classroom very boring. Yess, me too. But this Oculus rift killer app body VR would give you complete new virtual reality experience. This Oculus rift application transforms the classroom in a human body. These are the following things you should know about this killer vr app.

  • Experience: This Completely new virtual educational experience would teach you working of blood cells and how your billions of cells work together to keep you healthy and alive. how your body defense system works when you are caught fever.
  • Immersive and Amazing Graphics: This Oculus rift Virtual reality immersive app is would definitely give you exciting kick. The highly immersive graphics lets you see your parts in better way that gives you better understanding about yourself.
  • Educational Revolution: Overall experience of this Oculus Rift killer app makes you feel like that you are taking trip on your school bus. This killer app Of Oculus Rift would change the way you see education

Ocean Rift (Oculus Rift Killer App #2)

Oculus Rift Killer App

This Ocean Rift Oculus Rift app would take you down in the sea to witness the beauty of amazing sharks, while and other sea creatures. These are the following things you should know about this Oculus Rift killer app.

  • Amazing Sound: This Oculus rift killer app’s  wildlife habits and wondrous looks would give you soothing experience. The Amazing realistic and immersive sounds you would hear are only your breathing and air bubbles.
  • Swim:  Here You would swim inside virtual reality and would go deeper till the bottom of wide ocean. Getting to see the oceans never would give thrill.
  • App Control: This application works with the touch controller and game pad as well. Price of this killer is only $10 that is completely worth its price. Practically this is world’s first virtual reality underwater safari theme park.

Discovery VR (Oculus Rift Killer App)

Oculus Rift Killer App

Discover VR is a virtual reality app exclusively for oculus rift from Discovery . Discovery Channel is working very hard in creating virtual reality videos from popular shows like Shark Week and Deadliest Catch. Here are the following things you should be knowing about this cool virtual reality app.

  • Popular Shows: The Discovery videos takes you into wild life worlds beyond your imagination and they are specially making the VR Content for the very popular shows as mentioned above.
  • High Quality Videos: While this app is kind of VR video player, but these high-quality videos aren’t anywhere else. Here in this crazy virtual reality app, you would see the jungle as you are there, watching live lion hunting deer, or tiger cubs cuddling together. This App is passport to amazing jungle safari.

Best Oculus Rift Games 2017

As, we have discussed the best virtual reality apps for Oculus rift. Now In this section, we will try to focus on best virtual reality games that you should not miss if you are having an oculus rift.

  • Chronos.
  • Edge of Nowhere
  • Keep Talking and No One Explodes
  • Windlands
  • EVE: Valkyrie
  • Technolust
  • Lucky’s Tale


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