Walking Dead 3 Slot machine Secrets

The Walking Dead game is as exciting as its name sounds. We have always been huge fans of mysteries. The adrenaline rush that they give when something unexpected is about to happen is the best zeal you can have in the moment, right? Throughout the game you need to make sure that you survive for as much time as possible and keep winning credits. While you are playing keep your motive clear and to the point so that you can make maximum rewards and continue the journey. Anytime you wish to leave the game, try to push a little more. You should not give up and keep going with a sportsman spirit. In order to understand the game better, let us look at the specifications listed below.

Gaming Specifications

  • Size: 80 M
  • Version: 208
  • Support: Android version 4.1 and more or iOS
  • No. of Installations: 500,000 or more
  • Content Rating: 12 or more
  • Interactions: Digital buy
  • Within App Products: Rs. 170 to Rs. 17,400
  • Offered by: Tilting Point
  • Permissions: Media, WiFi, Storage, Phone
  • Cost: Free
  • No. of players: Multi player game
  • Motive: Survive till the end
  • Heroes: Ezekiel, Michonne, Jesus, Carl, Morgan, Glenn, Carol, etc
  • Stages: The Hospital, The Prison, Survivors
  • Rewards: Bonus spins, jackpot and more

Walking Dead 3 Slot machine Secrets


We all love watching our favourite heroes on the screen fighting against the opponent and winning over. The series walking dead has already won our hearts and the game just gives you an added advantage and joy of being a part of it. You can play the game as a part of the series and take pride in the fact that you are one amongst them and play the game and win battles. The scenes are incredible and graphics used are so immersive that you would be lost in the beauty of it. It would be like an entirely new world that you would be lost in and discover yourself fighting the battle. Wow! That sounds incredible.

Make sure you are quick and make smart moves so that you do not run out of supplies and you are able to make it till the end. Be it a win-win situation or not, you should play and stay in the game. Winning and losing is a part of the game, anyway. The game can be simply downloaded into your Android or iOS device. There are various stages which you would only be able to unlock if you survive a good deal of time. They include: latest machines, Epic Minigames, Bigger Payouts. In addition to that the game involves exciting locations to battle in, with the machines such as The Hospital and Terminus, Gather Supplies and last but not the least Level Up Collectible Heroes. The list of the heroes goes on as Ezekiel, Michonne, Jesus, Carl, Morgan, Glenn, Carol, and others.


There are various stages in which you would be playing the game and facing a new set of challenges. There are listed below:

The Hospital: The game starts here and while you are in the journey there will be a point where you might have to return here to get back the Sheriff Rick Grimes and liberate him from there.You would be coming across ‘Don’t Open, Dead Inside’ doors which would earn you huge credits and bonuses and would level up your game in one go. Then you have to keep Rick’s health quotient high for him to survive in the game. While you are leaving the hospital you also have to collect resources as much as you can because they would help you go on later in the game.

The Prison: Here there would be other top heroes you would be encountering with. In this part of the game you would be collecting badges making way for a mini game known as ‘Clear the Yard.’ You need to cross the game through this stage as well. This is the point where you would be winning so many chances to get your credit scores skyrocketed. You would also come across a bonus game known as ‘Go Wild’ where you get another chance to win rewards. Once you are able to complete the board completely with Badges, you might win a Jackpot as well.

Survivors: Here you need to pick your survivor and fight against a set of players. You need to gather bullets and keep your supplies intact then there would be another mini game in which you have the chance to be with your team members, use it to your strength and play the game. During this time you again, you have to invest yourself into collecting bonuses and credits.

What is interesting?

The game might give you thrills which is really exciting. So you do not have to play solo. You can gather with your favorite members and tweak the chances in your favor to win the game. The game is so unpredictable and that is what makes it more fun. You in order to be a survivor have to keep in mind two things that your credit score goes up every now and then and also that you do not lack supplies anytime. And that is how you would make it till the end, no matter what! Keep your motto as that you are in it to win it. There is a huge jackpot awaiting for you on winning the game.


The game is really exciting but at the same time it is not meant for children and is only for adults. The game does not provide you playing with any actual money or prizes. It is just meant for entertainment purposes and you win rewards and credits for that. The game does not ensure that winning here would make you win at the actual machine games out there. While you are playing, you and your team players should invest time in collecting supplies which would help you to survive. Stay resourceful throughout the journey. Download and get ready for the unique adventure coming your way.

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