best headphone for running and swimming

Running is a fantastic exercise, but it becomes more interesting when gets the touch of music. If you want some motivating music in the background that pushes you beyond your limits, you should definitely buy running headphones. These running headphones have become popular among running enthusiasts all around the world.

Most of them are wireless and built specially for running. They really help you to maintain your rhythm. These headphones are sweat proof, tangling free and doesn’t come out while you are doing your exercise.

Today, in this article, we’ll discuss all the essential aspects of running headphones. So, without wasting any time, let’s dive into crucial things that you have to keep in mind before buying a running headphone.

Things to keep in mind before buying a headphone for running

best headphone for running and swimming

1- Sweat and waterproof: This is one of the most important things that you have to check before buying a running headphone. Because, if you are going for long runs, you definitely going to sweat a lot and if your headphones are not waterproof, they might break down.
So, if you are buying earphones which are waterproof, it will increase its life, and you can run without tension though its raining outside.

2- Comfort and fit: Comfort of your headphones is also a significant factor. You have to make sure that it doesn’t get tangled while you run. Sometimes, these headphones have the problem of coming out of ears while running. So, make sure you buy the one which comes with multiple earbud sizes, and you can run freely. More lightweight, these headphones are, more comfortable you will be.

3- Battery life: Battery is also the factor that you should consider. A good headphone comes at least with 15-20 hours of battery life. Sometimes, you will find the headphones with perfect battery life,, but they are bulky in size. So, decide your priority and choose the best option for you.

4- Style and Design: Your earphones also look cool. It should not make you look like a cyborg. Many headphones come with the amazing finish and have sturdy build quality at the same time. Nowadays completely wire-free headphones are very trendy, you just put the earbuds, and you are good to go. There are others as well that goes over the ear and provide stability.

5- Sound quality: A Earphone without a good sound is completely worthless. So, checking the sound quality before buying is very important. If you are buying the headphones online, I would recommend you to go to the offline store first, check the quality of sound then only order. Because many times these online reviews are bit confusing.. because the sound you find good might not match my taste. So, better test offline then buy online.

15 Affordable Headphones | Waterproof | With Mic

1- Bose SoundSport

bose running headphones

This company has set several benchmarks when it comes to headphones. Bose is known for its fantastic sound quality. Bose Sound sport wireless sports headphone is one of the best headphones for running that you can buy for yourself. This headphone is entirely free from wire, there is not even a single cord with this headphone. The company claims that the super sound quality of these headphones will motivate you to run faster and train longer. Its dimensions are 1.2*1*1.2 inches, and it weighs around 0.64 ounces. Below are some of the essential features of the headphone that you should know.

  • Earbuds are sweat and water resistant with the IPX4 rating and come in three different sizes.
  • It has five hours of battery life and ten hours with charging case.
  • It also comes with feature like “track your earbuds.” You can easily find them with your mobile GPS Connection.
  • It comes with the latest Bluetooth version and supports all the Android and iPhone devices.

Can I use them with my android device?
Yes, It supports all the latest Android devices. Just Install the app, and you are good to go.

Does it come with a microphone as well?
Yeah, it has a microphone as well. But don’t expect a good sound pickup. Sometimes, you have to remove your earbud and bring close to your mouth to speak. Let me be honest, people are not happy with its microphone feature.

Can I use it while having a steam bath?
Yes, you can. But, make sure that temperature doesn’t cross its threshold. For more information, read the manual.

Does One earbud work without other?
The right earbud is the master one. So, you can use the right alone but can’t do the same with left one.


enacfire running waterproof headphones cheap

This one has got terrific reviews online because of its performance. It comes with 5.0 wireless Bluetooth. You get the deep bass sound with 15 hours of battery time. Portable charging case makes it easy to use. The company claims that earphones Bluetooth range is to 40feet. The case of the headphones is a bit bigger, you might not find it very handy, and LEDs only work while it’s charging. Below are the main features of the ENACFIRE E19.

  • Size of earbuds is tiny. They are very lightweight, and that gives you more comfort while running.
  • It gives really good charging life with the case. It lasts up to 15 hours.
  • It comes with magnetic alignment for your easy charging.
  • It also works with playback and Siri control.
  • You can choose among the different sized ear tips.
  • It comes with one and a half year warranty and one month no reason money back guarantee.

How’s the sound quality of these headphones?
Sound Quality is not very super duper good. But it is worth price. I would say it’s decent enough.

How to use one earbud at a time?
Yes, you can. Firstly you take one earbud out and hold the mob till it turns our and again hold it till other one says power on. Now, you can use only one earbud.

Can I use it for making calls?
Yes, you can. But, only one earphone works when using for the call.

Are they waterproof?
Yes, they are waterproof and durable for a long time.

3- The MX10

don't fall out over the ears headphones

MX10 comes at number three in our top fifteen list of earphones. Build Quality of these headphones are pretty decent. It has a microphone and comes with noise cancellation technology. It has IPX7 Standard waterproof. The company claims that they are so lightweight that you won’t even feel them while running. It has 10 hours of battery life and Noise cancellation CVC 6.0 gives it an extra feature.

  • You can pair it with two devices simultaneously, and it’s very spontaneous.
  • It is supported by all Android and iPhone devices.
  • You get a full-fledged kit when you buy this product. You get 3 sizes of ear tips, cushions, a stylish zip case, and a bonus coupon as well.
  • Its dimensions are 1.6 x 1.3 x 0.9 inches and weighs around 0.32 ounces.

Can I use these headphones with my kindle fire?
Yes, It works fine with kindle fire and blocks out the ambient noise so that you can enjoy the audiobooks and songs without any glitch.

How long does it take to get fully charged?
It gets full charged with one and a half hour.

Can I take a shower with them?
They have outstanding quality waterproof. But, using them while having a shower is not recommended. You never know.

How’s the build Quality of these headphones?
It’s damn good.


senso wireless headphones

If you are not so much into Bluetooth headphones, then probably you might be hearing this company’s name for the very first time. These headphones also come with noise cancellation and water resistant as well. It is loaded with the latest 4.1 CSR Bluetooth technology. Earbuds are designed ergonomically and provide you with the best possible comfort. They never get tangled, and you can do your running and exercise without tension. Below are some main features of SENSO wireless running headphone.

  • It comes with lithium power battery which gets charged very quickly and gives up to 10 hours of battery backup.
  • You can connect 30feet away from your device.
  • It comes with one year of manufacturer warranty and 30 days of NQA Return policy.

How’s the wire quality of the headphones?
It’s not very good but decent enough. You have to use them with care.

Can I use it my TV that doesn’t have Bluetooth?
You can. By using the Bluetooth adapter.

Is it compatible with iPad as well?
Yes, it is.

Should I buy it or not?
It is very affordable and worth every single penny.

5- Phaiser BHS-730

Phaiser BHS-730 Bluetooth Headphones Runner Headset

Phaiser is also one of leading manufacturer in running headphones industry. The Bluetooth headphone has a perfect bass with 4.1 Bluetooth. Its bullet-shaped t-400 M foam gives you complete isolation from ambient noise. Below are some of the critical features of this headphone that you should know.

  • SWEAT PROOF- Company claims that it is protected by Nano liquipel coating and gives it durability and they also survive the accidental dropping into the water.
  • COMFORT- Its patented winged design holds your buds properly, and they don’t come out in rigorous workouts.
  • WARRANTY- Company give a lifetime sweat proof warranty. They say they will replace the earbuds if it gets damaged by sweat.

What is the Bluetooth connectivity of this headphone?
It connects up to 40feet.

How long it takes to get fully charged?
It gets fully charged in two hours.

What is the battery life of the headphones?
They come with a rechargeable battery and it last for years. You won’t face any battery related problem with this earphone.

How’s the noise cancellation of the headphones?
Rubber tips on the earbuds create a kind of a seal in your ear and cancel the ambient noise to a reasonable extent.

6- Phaiser BHS-530

Phaiser BHS-530 Bluetooth Headphones

This is another running headphone by the phaiser with 10mm HD Sound with Bluetooth 4.1. This one also comes with bullet shaped foam and provides complete isolation from external ambient noise. They come with effortless control, you can fast forward, skip and reverse the songs with a single click. Below are some important features of the headphone.

  • They are water resistant and sweat proof. But it’s recommended not to wear them when it’s raining.
  • The fitting of the headphone is very good. With different tip size, they are compatible with all the ears. You select the best size for you.
  • The best thing about this headphone is its microphone feature. Headsets read out the number when you get a call and audio gets silenced and when you hang up, audio gets resumed from where you left.
  • The Company gives lifetime sweat warranty that you won’t find with any other brand.

Does it come with micro USB port?
Yes, it comes with the micro USB port. It’s on the right side. Just remove the rubber cover, and you are good to go.

How’s the noise cancellation?
If you are running in the traffic, you won’t be able to hear the bus honking behind you.

How do I skip the songs in this headphone?

  • Double Tap Volume up – Forward
  • Double Tap Volume Down – Previous

How’s the battery life?
Battery life is not good. You get around 3hours of battery time after the full charge.

7- Otium

Earphones w/Mic IPX7 Waterproof HD Stereo

Otium Wireless headphone comes at number 7. Their headphones are good for running, jogging or any outdoor exercise. It has a neckband design, so you don’t have to worry about the wire tangling. Sound quality is also ok with good bass and stereo. You also get voice notification every time you get the call. It comes with V4.1+EDR Bluetooth. Below are some important features of the Otium.

  • It gives 8 hours of battery backup once it gets fully charged. LED lights provide the charging level indication. Once, it’s fully charged, you will see the indication in the mobile.
  • It has 30feet Bluetooth connectivity range, and with easy to use buttons, you can easily skip, play and pause.
  • It comes with one year of manufacturer warranty and 30 days No Questions Asked Pretty, and It thinks that’s a pretty good deal.

Is this blue light is always on, or we can turn it off as well?
No, you can’t turn it off while using.

Can I connect this with my TV as well?
Yes, if your TV has Bluetooth compatibility, otherwise you can use Bluetooth dongle as well if your TV doesn’t have inbuilt Bluetooth.

While running fast, do these earphones come off?
Nopes, they fit perfectly in your ears.

How’s the noise cancellation of these earphones?
Not good but it does isolate the ambient noise.


TREBLAB J1 Bluetooth Earbuds

TREBLAB J1 is designed keeping aesthetic into consideration. They are small, lightweight and easy to use. They have an IPX6 standard of waterproof. The company claims that they have stereo HD Sound. Earphones have 10mm driver and give good treble and bass. They are made in such a way that fits all ears, and you won’t face the problem of sliding while running. The company claims that sound quality is so good that you feel like as if you are listening from CD itself. Below are some of the important features that you should know about this headphone.

  • It comes with fast connectivity with Bluetooth 4.1 aptX.
  • Within a built-in microphone, you can talk, and music will resume once you hang up.
  • Battery backup is around 8 hours, and it gets fully charged in just 2 hours.
  • It comes with one year of manufacturer warranty, and you also get 30days no question asked return policy.

How’s the case quality that we get with the earphone?
It’s a soft case and easy to carry.

Do we have noise cancellation as well?

How long does it take to get fully charged?
It gets fully charged in just 2 hours.

How’s the volume in comparison to the corded earphones?
The volume quality is excellent. I didn’t find any difference as such in volume compared to corded ones.

9- Arena Club

enter the arena running headphones

Enter the Arena is also a very unique quality running headphone which has a lot of praise online. It comes with CVC 6.0 noise cancellation and gives a high-quality sound with crystal clarity and good treble. Below are some of the essential features of the headphone that you should know.

  • Noise Cancellation is superb here, and it comes with creative filters. The latest 4.1 Bluetooth gives the stability in the signal, and you have very less chance of a signal drop.
  • It is sweat proof with IPX7 standard, so you don’t have to worry about sweat. Just keep working and keep enjoying the music.
  • It gets charged very quickly, and you get around 6hours of time after a full charge.
  • The design is stylish and ergonomically built. You can choose between the different sizes that come with the earphone.
  • It is universally compatible and works with all Bluetooth device.

Can I wear it in the shower?
No, you can’t. It’s gonna get damage for sure.

Can I use this for listening audiobooks? Will it work with my Fitbit iconic watch?
It works with all the devices that have Bluetooth.

How do we pick the call in this headphone?
Click the play button once to pick up the call, Long hold to reject the call.

How long does the battery last after a full charge?
It lasts around 7-8, and it gets fully charged in 1.5hours.

10- Mpow Flame

 Mpow Flame Bluetooth Headphones Waterproof IPX7

These are IPX7 SweatProof earphones that come with nano coating and provides unparalleled durability. You can use these headphones for any outdoor activity like running, hiking, traveling and much more. It is loaded with Bluetooth 4.1 that helps in getting the super sound with good treble and bass. Below are some of the important features of the headphone that you should know.

  • Fitting of these headphones is excellent provides comfort and proper wearability.
  • You get memory foam tips, cord clip and three pairs of regular tips as well.
  • It comes with a lithium battery that gets charged in just 1.5 hours and gives battery backup to 7-9 hours. You can check the battery status on your smartphone display itself.
  • It comes with one and a half year manufacturing warranty and 45 days money back guarantee.

What is the range of Mpow Flame headphones?
You can use it up to 35 feet distance.

Can I receive the calls and talk?
Yes, you can, but don’t expect a very high-quality sound. You might face the signal drop issue.

Does it work Samsung mobiles?
It works with all the smartphones that come with Bluetooth.

Can I swim while wearing these headphones?
The company claims you can swim up to 1meter of depth, but you might face the issue of signal loss in water.

11- Jaybird X4

 Jaybird X4 Wireless Sport Headphones

These are the sweatproof and weatherproof headphones come with long duration battery backup. They have a versatile design and comfortable in use. They have received very good reviews on Amazon and very popular among runners all around the world. Below are the main features of Jaybird X4.

  • It comes with comfortable foam tips that can be interchanged and that provides enhanced durability. They don’t create any kind of stress in your ear canal, and you can use for a longer time.
  • The company claims that the premium sound quality that you get with this headphone, you won’t get anywhere else with this price range.
  • By Installing Jaybird app, you get a lot of customization options that you can control from headphone itself.

Do we get the ambient noise while using it?
Yes, you will hear the outside noise, it won’t be canceled.

What is the warranty period of these headphones?
It comes with one year of warranty, but you can get that extended as well.

Can I swim with these?
Hell, No.

Do we have the problem of tangling with them?
Use the cord management clips, and you won’t face any problem.

12- Anker Bluetooth Headphones

 Anker Bluetooth Headphones

These headphones come with sweat guard and provides resistance from the corrosive property of sweat as well. They come with 10mm drivers that give fine-tuned sound quality. It comes with 10mm drivers that give crystal clear treble and bass. Below are some crucial features of Anker Bluetooth running headphones that you should know.

  • It doesn’t hurt your ears, you can use them for a longer time. It comes with silicone ear tips and soft over ear hooks.
  • You can use it for a week after a single charge.
  • You will get five different sizes of ear tips with this headphones, and you can choose the best one that fits you.
  • You get the complete kit when you buy this product. You get cable clips, USB Cable, Travel Pouch, Carabiner.
  • These headphones come with one and a half year of warranty with good customer support.

How do we skip the songs in this headphone?
You can long hold the plus button, and that will forward you to the next song.

How’s the customer support of this product?
The company claims that they have good customer support, but according to the users, it really sucks.

What smartphones does this device support?
It supports all the devices that come with Bluetooth.

Do they come with aptX Technology?
No, it doesn’t have aptX.

13- TaoTronics

TaoTronics Wireless In-Ear Earbuds with Microphone

TaoTronics also make very good quality headphones. This is their flagship model. It comes with advanced nano-coating that gives it the extra protection and the chances of getting damaged reduced exponentially. It is loaded with Bluetooth 4.1 that saves a lot of energy, and you get the longer battery backup. Below are some of the important aspects of this headphone that you must know.

  • It works with all the Bluetooth device whether it’s tablet, smartphone, Kindle or smartwatch.
  • It has CVC 6.0 noise cancellation standard that provides you a very clear and crisp sound experience.
  • It comes with ergonomic design and allows you to use it for a longer time without feeling any pain in your ears.
  • It fits perfectly to your ears, so matter how fast you are running. It doesn’t slide away.

While using the mic, how does the noise cancellation work?
You won’t hear any ambient noise. You can clearly hear the person’s noise.

Does it give any notification of batter level?
It will give verbal notification of battery getting low.

I never heard of this Brand? How do I trust them?
You can check their reviews online.

How’s the build quality of the product?
It’s sturdy.

14- PlantronicsPlantronics

I will put BackBeat FIT Bluetooth headphones at second last number in our top list. They are comfortable in all kinds of exercise. You can control all the features from headphone only that provide the really good user experience. It comes with p2i nano-coating that makes it waterproof and sweat proof. The company claims it can withhold 1meter water depth for 30mins. Below are the main features of Plantronics wireless running headphone.

  • They have an IP57 Sweatproof rating, and itself boasts about its good quality protection.
  • It comes with quick charge technology. You can charge it fully in just 2 hours and use it for 7-8 hours continuously.
  • It has got some amazing bass that keeps you motivated in doing exercise, and you never feel tired.
  • You get all firmware auto updates from BackBeat FIT Companion app.

Can I use them with my hearing aids?
You can. But it’s not recommended.

Do these earphones come with the speaker?
Yes, you get two speakers that allow you to enjoy the stereo sound.

How do we pick up the calls?
Just press the right earbud button.

How does it fit the ears?
They fit really good with your ears.

15- Bang & Olufsen Beoplay E8 Premium

Premium Truly Wireless Bluetooth Earphones

It is completely wireless mobile. Their build quality is elegant, and you get superior sound experience. They come with signature Band & Olufsen sound. They have received mixed reviews online. Some of them really liked it while some on the other really hated it. Bang & Olufsen comes with some of the below-mentioned premium features.You can control all the features with an intuitive touch interface. You can take calls, switch tracks and use some voice commands as well.

  • With other headphones, you will see the glitches if you are using it nearby any magnetic field, but here you will see the least distortion.
  • Charging Case looks very stylish with genuine leather. With a charging case, you can have two 4 hours of charges.

Do I have to have the latest version of Android to get it paired?
No, It works with all the android versions.

Can I use them with TV as well?
You can use them with TV if they have Bluetooth inbuilt.

How’s the sound quality when using for the calls?
It has good sound quality.

Do they have other earphones as well?
Yes, this is their flagship model that you can go for.


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