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what is Oculus Rift

what comes to your mind when you look at the above image? what are these gadgets? you might be thinking first one as a ‘TV Remote’, second one as a ‘Mic with stand’, fourth one clearly looks like a ‘Gamepad’ but the third gizmo….., you are still trying to figure out, what the hell is this.      Am I right?

These are not the different devices but the different parts of a single device called Oculus Rift. Oculus rift is the king of Virtual Reality. It is officially launched on it’s website on march 2016. Many Companies had been rigorously working on the virtual reality, but none came up with the real virtual reality experience, but Oculus Rift has turned the whole industry upside down and set it’s own standard.

Oculus Rift has actually made the real experience of virtual reality possible. It provides the unparalleled real experience with the help of its inbuilt amazing position tracking system. Read Below to know more about what is Oculus Rift.

Things You need to know about Oculus Rift:

There are following things that you need to know about virtual reality. Let see how every part synchronizes itself to simulate the real virtual reality experience.

  • Oculus Rift has two tiny screens that projects two very slightly different images which provides you a 3-D view and you see virtual reality much closer to how you see the real world.
  • It has detachable headphones, that provide you option to bring your headphone to have more comfort and fun.
  • The Oculus Rift  features a magnetometer, a gyroscope and an accelerometer, all of which combine to accurately track the position of rift and provide you better  three-dimension experience.

Components Of Oculus Rift | Parts Of Oculus Rift

There are mainly  four different parts of Oculus Rift that. Let’s talk about them one by one and see how Every thing works and make this Immaculate Virtual Reality Possible.

    • The Positional Tracker:

      This is the most important part of oculus rift, which monitors the movement of your head and simulates the virtual reality. A series of  LEDs embedded in the Oculus headset is  monitored by this wireless sensor and what Oculus calls the Constellation Tracking System.

    what is Oculus Rift

    • The Oculus Headset:

      This looks like a giant pair of glasses which feeds everything to your brain. It connects to your head via straps, with the uppermost strap includes the HDMI and USB cable. Further customization can be done with two pairs of lenses, which magnifies the screen, so it fills your field of view without causing any blurring or motion sickness (at least in theory). The good thing about oculus headset is that, a dial integrated into the headset lets you adjust the lenses to fit your face properly, All this means the same headset should be light and comfortable no matter how oddly shaped your head or thick your spectacles.

    what is Oculus Rift

      • Oculus Touch | Gamepad:

        Oculus Touch are two wireless controllers called Oculus Touch. It’s like a gamepad split into half, these controllers give you a more immersive VR experience,  you can use them to reach out into virtual space, make hand gestures and do lot more things.

      what is Oculus Rift

      • Oculus Remote:

        The Oculus Remote, a small input device that controls menu and other options while playing games. Oculus has described it as “a new input device we designed to make it simple and intuitive to navigate VR experiences,” a small black trackpad with back, home, plus, and minus buttons.

      what is Oculus Rift

      This is all about Oculus Rift that you need to know. We think now, probably you have got understanding about what is Oculus Rift. For more information bookmark (ctrl+D) this site Virtualrealitybaba.com and Like our page on Facebook.

      what is Oculus Rift

      See this guy, He is a multi billionaire, has everything that money can probably buy, He has traveled almost the whole world and see how excited he looks when he pulls oculus rift over his head. If he(mark zuckerberg) is feeling awesome in this virtual world. So Believe me, You would go crazy while experiencing it first time.

      crazy about oculus rift

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