What Is Oculus Rift and how does it work

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What Is Oculus Rift and how does it work

What Is Oculus Rift and How does it work

Virtual reality was once a term only known to few, but now everyone is talking about virtual reality.  Since the advent of virtual reality ,various new technologies have been launched, but Oculus Rift has been always on the top of the list. The experience offered by Oculus Rift is true and totally immersive. It makes you forget your real world  and brings you to a completely new world of virtual reality.

Oculus Rift was designed and developed by Oculus VR. A kickstarter campaign was launched to initiate funding for the development for Oculus Rift. The campaign was successful and it raised around US$ 2.5 million. This showed that virtual reality trend was picking up the attention of people over the world and Facebook instantly purchased Oculus VR.

Talking further about Oculus Rift,  it’s  main features are

  • It has an OLED  display.
  • A refresh rate of 90 Hz.
  • Resolution of 1080*1200 per eye
  • Integrated headset that gives 3D audio effect as well as positional  tracking and rotational too.

The design of Oculus Rift is quite simple and compact and moreover it has shown the best and large variety of immersive multimedia as compared to other vr headsets. At  first appearance it looks just a simple vr kit but actually it’s a wealth in disguise.It has a set of other devices along with the headset, that will together create a aura  of best immersive experience. The touch controllers of Oculus Rift are excellent, they are comfortable and light as well as quite responsive. Oculus Rift has a constellation tracking system. It actually pinpoints the area with series of LED and infrared lights to create a  3D space.

But the only disadvantage of Oculus Rift is that the immersion is lost,if you try to stir away from your place, trying to move few steps further, otherwise Oculus Rift is the best vr headset and will give you the best vr experience.

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