How does Oculus Touch Work

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How does Oculus Touch Work

What is Oculus Touch

As Billions of dollars are rolling in so the big companies are increasing their research investment. Oculus Rift has covered miles since it’s launch,and it is promising for even better. Oculus Rift has been a great device. The experience that this headset offers is enchanting,it makes us completely immersed in virtual world.

And now Oculus is aiming to give the best. Oculus Touch,the new technology,still in progressing stage will complete the rare flaws of Oculus Rift.

Let’s know some more about Oculus Touch and we will get to know about how does oculus touch work.

Oculus Touch are system of hand controllers, that will make virtual reality more real. It paves way for a natural immersive experience. The wireless hand grip consist of hap tic feedback and physical controllers. These grips are also equipped with different components like analog sticks and face buttons. The grips are encircled by round straps that are studded to it.

The price and release date of Oculus Touch is still not known, may be developers are trying to make it the best VR technology till now.

How Does Oculus Touch Work

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Many People has asked me the same question how does oculus touch work. So I thought of explaining it. Actually Oculus VR already showed off a new “feature prototype” for Oculus Touch called ‘Half Moon‘. It consists of mainly two controllers, and you can use one controller in each hand. The controllers boast traditional analog thumb sticks, two buttons, and an analog trigger. There’s also an amazing mechanism – called hand trigger – that replicates the feeling of firing a gun.

These Half Moon prototypes are wireless and actually use the same IR LED constellation tracking system found in the new Rift for precise, low-latency and position tracking. They also include haptic feedback, which game developers will be able to leverage in order to let gamer lovers interact with objects in virtual gaming worlds.

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The last key feature in Half Moon is the matrix of sensors mounted on the device. They let the controller recognize a set of communicative hand poses, such as pointing, waving, or even a thumbs-up.

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