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As we are witnessing the big boom in the virtual reality industry, Big players are coming in the picture. Oculus, HTC, Lenovo and Samsung have launched their headset in the market. Oculus is at top when it comes to virtual reality experience, but at the bottom in case of affordability factor. HTC and Lenovo are trying their best to set a bar in the market but Samsung Gear VR is already fulfilled the customer’s expectations by making it affordable and more user friendly.


Samsung Gear VR

If you like Samsung’s phones, including the Galaxy S6, S6 Edge, Note 5, S7, or S7 Edge, then it’s fine. The Gear VR doesn’t work with any other smartphones. Still, everyone who’s tried Gear VR here at VirtualRealityBaBa thinks it’s delightful and amazing. Let’s talk about top five important things about Samsung Gear Vr

Samsung Gear VR Quality:

One of the first things you’ll probably do when trying Samsung Gear VR is to focus the picture using the small wheel on top of headset. You can use it to focus up to an extent, but images in Samsung Gear VR will still look relatively blurry compared to the sharpness we expect from smartphones.

Samsung Gear VR Price:

The Samsung Gear VR is the most affordable VR Headset available in the market. It’s completely worth its $99 Price tag. What you need extra is the Samsung VR supported and nothing else.

Samsung Gear VR Content Quality:

It’s very easy to expect mind-blowing graphics from new gaming platforms. After all smartphone games have only been getting better graphics as phones have been getting more and more powerful, right?  Some games like Gunjack looks great and reminds PlayStation 3 days, but most other games look more like they came from the original PlayStation. This is because games for the Gear VR need a lot more processing power than most games from the regular Google Play store. Your Galaxy smartphone constantly needs to render the game’s 360-degrees around you so you can smoothly look around you without experiencing any stutters.

Samsung Gear VR Content Availabilty:

You have to pay to enjoy good content which is available for Samsung Gear VR. There’s a bunch of free content that you can try out, but most of it is very basic. Most of the games and experiences we tried that impressed us the most had to be purchased.

Samsung Gear VR affect on Mobile:

Your Smartphone battery would go down very soon and you may feel also some heating affect. After about 45 minutes of ditching the real world for the virtual version on the Gear VR, the battery life on the Galaxy S7 I was using went down to 50%. You might also face the heating problem because Your Galaxy smartphone’s processor (CPU) is working at full capacity to make the VR content happen. The more your CPU works, the hotter it’s going to get.


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