What is the Deep Web

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What is the Deep Web |  What is Deep Web | How To Access Deep Web

What is the Deep Web

Look at the above picture that Clearly Explains the Deep web.

What is the Deep Web | Definition Of Deep Web: Deep Web is actually the hidden part of world wide web that is generally not accessed by the common people because it is not indexed by the search engines like google and yahoo or restricted by them for some reasons.

Or in the other words you can also say that the deep web is a term that refers particularly to the collection of websites that are publicly visible, but you will never know the ip address behind them. Thus they can be visited by anyone, but it is extremely difficult to find the master minds behind the deep web.

Scariest things on the Deep Web | Scariest Websites on the Internet

What is the Deep Web

Look at the above picture that clearly shows that how many kinds of danger lies in accessing the deep web, If you ask a simple question why these websites are not indexed by google or yahoo because government don’t want these things to come public. In deep web scariest things might happen. Here you can find a hitman who will kill for you, you can buy any illegal drugs, weapons, access to adult deep websites or illegal porn and much more beyond your imagination.

Follow these Steps to know Who is Behind the Deep Web….

There have been many disturbing deep web stories. These are the following things that you might encounter on the deep web.


In Simple Words It does less good but more bad things…….

How To Access the Deep Web | How to enter deep web

**Imp Note** Firstly, It’s better to never enter deep web, if you are novice in this field, you laptop might be piled up by viruses and you web cam might start recording you automatically or you might suddenly bump into something that raises alert to FBI. So you never what could be the next thing to encounter. So Don’t try to access these dangerous sites. Google has already lot to explore.

These are the following things you can follow to access the Deep Web.

  • You can not get access of the deep web from a normal web browser like chrome or firefox,  you can only enter the deep web through a deep web browser. The most popular called Tor.
  • Once you go to Tor website then you have to install necessary tools to get access to all the websites.
  • Once you have deep web browser installed properly, you simply search whatever you want and you would be transported to the site. All these deep websites on the deep web are .onion domains, which means both the provider and user are completely anonymous and difficult to trace.

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