what is virtual reality

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what is virtual reality

What is Virtual Reality | Definition Of Virtual Reality

virtual reality also known as immersive multimedia, can be literally defined as the manifestation of the world of illusions into real form.Virtual reality is the technology that gives our fancies a real appearance,thus making our wildest dream come true.You can a tour to your mystic world, sitting back at your cozy home.Virtual reality is gaining increasing popularity day by day due to its  of application in numerous fields.

Let’s Read Further to know more about Virtual Reality

  • Technically it is computer created 3-D environment which a user can explore and manipulate according to his will and thus have a life like experience. The user is immersed in the virtual world and becomes a part of it. It tracks the movement of eyes and head of the user,these changes in user’s perspective is used to process the display accordingly.
  • To accomplish this task various virtual reality gadgets are used such as virtual reality headset, special gloves,directional treadmills etc. The user had to use these to get immersed into virtual reality. Since its the boom period of virtual reality,it’s market is increasing. The variety of virtual reality gadgets has augmented. From oculus rift, that ace the list to other such as htc vive, google cardboard are taking the market.

The realm of virtual reality would keep on increasing because of its vast application whether it be defense and air force,or video games or media,or medical. It is the technology of the era. It’s prospects are high and soon it will be giving us more prolific results.

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