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what is virtual reality

What is Virtual Reality | Virtual Reality Definition | Virtual Reality World:

Virtual Reality is the word that nobody knew and asked five years back. But, Now suddenly this word is going viral among the whole world. Every one is looking excited to know about virtual reality, what is virtual reality, how it works and from where the hell, it came from. So Today, In this post we would try to understand what this ‘Dawn of Virtual Reality Era’ actually means and we would also ask our readers what perception, they have about virtual reality.

The amazing thing about virtual reality is this, It can make your dream come true. Things that you always dreamed in your wildest imagination like driving a F1 Racing car, Throttling up the engine of supersonic jet, Going to paradise fall, winning a gold medal in Olympics racing or anything that you can think of, that all could be possible here. And That’s the beauty of virtual reality, you can travel the whole world just sitting in home. Let’s see how can we define the virtual reality.

General Definition of Virtual Reality:

Virtual Reality is made of two words Virtual and Reality, It means When You start seeing the virtual world in real way  then it is called virtual reality. While experiencing this, your brain is tricked in the way that it can’t differentiate between actual world and virtual world that’s why that virtual world becomes the virtual reality.

Technical Definition of Virtual Reality:

Virtual reality is also known as an immersive multimedia or computer-simulated reality, is a computer generated technology that replicates an environment and simulates a user’s physical presence and surroundings in a way that enables the user to interact with it. Virtual reality sometimes creates artificial sensory experiences, which might include sight, touch, hearing, and smell.

Mark Zuckerberg Definition of Virtual Reality:

The Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg who recently bought Oculus virtual reality company in staggering $2 billion elegantly defines the virtual reality. He simply says that Virtual Reality is nothing but the “Next major computing and communication Platform”.

How Simply He defines the Virtual Reality in his technical words. HaHaHaHaHa…LOL “Next major computing and communication Platform”.

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what is virtual reality

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