Wizard of Oz slot games

There are a variety of social games that exist and are preferred by people of different demographics all over the world. Zynga one of the leading developers have carved their name into these games appreciated worldwide. With these challenging slot games gaining popularity there is delightful user experience amongst the players of the game. As children we have always loved the fantasy world where mysteries and magic take place. It leaves us in the Aww! moment and it takes us a few seconds to register what just happened as our eyes cannot believe it within the flash of a second.

The Wizard of Oz is similarly the story loved by many of us and the adventures keep us captivated throughout. The games have taken the same theme and have been built around the same narrative so that all of us can relive the story and have a moving experience of the same through the game. In order to understand the game’s details let us have a look at the specifications of the game to develop a clearer picture in our minds.

Gaming Specifications

  • Size: depends on the device
  • Requirement: Android 4.1 or more
  • Content Rating: 12 and more
  • Version: 133.0.2044
  • No. of Installations: 5000,000 and more
  • Interactions: within app products
  • Within app products: Rs. 60.67 to Rs. 26,000 per product
  • Offered by: Zynga
  • Permissions: Media, Storage, WiFi, Contacts
  • Cost: Free
  • No. of players: Multiplayer game
  • Target Audience: Adults
  • Game Story: Based on The Wizard of Oz
  • Main Character: Judy Garland as Dorothy
  • Support: Android and iOS

Wizard of Oz slot games


We all, being fans of The Wizard of Oz with love for fantasy and mystery of the story and the beauty that lies in it. The game is absolutely free of cost and the slot machine is one which is from the Emerald City of Las Vegas. You can explore the Yellow Brick Road to witness the Wizard of Oz adventures with the help of various slot games such as Cowardly Lion, Scarecrow, Tin Man, or Dorothy. The story scenes unwind themselves gradually as the slot games are built around them. All you need to do is spin and wait for the miracle to happen. The machines are so captivating that it leaves you spellbound till the magic happens. You can even carry your game wherever you go and that’s how your journey continues with the same level that you have already attained by now. The story will keep unfolding as and when you unlock new levels of the game.

The moment you start playing the game, you would automatically be motivated and your motto will follow as ‘In it to Win it.’ The game has such a zeal in it that it would give you the energy and adrenaline rush when you see your scores reaching high. Who knows, you might grab so many coins and win the jackpot and see yourself as rank 1.


It is always fun to play in a group that you know of rather than playing solo. You have the choice to play the game either online or offline as per your convenience. In addition to that, you do not have to necessarily stick to one device. You can use it in multiple devices so that your game tags along with you wherever you go. The journey is about the lanes of Yellow Brick Road where you and your friends can have a thrilling experience. As and when you go about unlocking new levels of the game and not just that, you can even give your friends free presents along the way when they level up.

What’s Interesting?

The game provides you with various Wizard of Oz slots. All you need to do is gather balls and collect incredible rewards with a differently designed summer theme by Zynga. There is a new story ‘Travel by Twister’ which lets you engage and witness the unexplored areas of Oz. Doesn’t that sound fun? There are updates that are provided in this game that would help you pace up your level and play at a better and desirable speed and achieve quick results. Winning the game or even levelling up brings a lot of satisfaction and joy when you see yourself ranking in front of your eyes. You can even share your success story amongst your peers and friends.

What does the game have in store for you?

Apart from the mystery, adventure and fun, the game has a lot to offer. To begin with the game is of course free of cost for anyone who wants to play. As you login, you get the option to gather a huge number of credits and it is not valid just in the beginning but throughout the journey. As you spin, you keep getting bonuses that perhaps increase your chances of winning the game. As and when you up your game, you also attain the option of winning a ‘Mega Win Jackpot.’ In addition to that, there are mysterious doors that you cross and challenges that you unlock which in turn help you win prizes and collect coins. You can download it any day and start playing for free.


The game is for people who can be considered as adults and also you should make note of the fact that there is no actual money involved in the game. The game is simply to have fun and win prizes and appreciation on a global level where you can compete with people of different areas or even your friends playing along with you. So you can easily see your rank and performance on the leaderboard, how you perform along with your friends achievements in the game. The game is so interesting that it keeps you involved for a sufficiently long period of time and gives you a chance to get yourself recognized among the plethora of players playing at a particular level and point in time. So be ready to uncover the adventures that follow!

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