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Take a look at Xiaomi VR Headset….

Xiaomi VR Headset

The attractive thing about MI VR Headset is that It is also available in different Zipper models.  It looks actually cool.

Xiaomi VR Headset

Xiaomi VR Headset Launch

As, we have been patiently waiting for the  Xiaomi VR Headset launch but it was delayed. Now It’s launched but still not available to purchase. MI VR Play at starting would only be launched in China and later on they might start shipping all over the world.

This is the first ever Xiaomi smartphone-powered virtual reality headset: a device called  Mi VR Play. The Chinese giant company says the Play works with any mobile phone with screen size between between 4.7 and 5.7 inches, and is focused to “bring the VR experience to a much wider audience” in China, where the technology is still in infant state.

The Xiaomi company today also announced the Mi VR Play Headset,  “entry-level” virtual reality headset that it hopes will open this new exciting medium to completely new audiences because not everyone can buy  set up of an Oculus Rift or HTC Vive. Their thesis behind Xiaomi VR is democratizing technology , including the $550/$750 notebook announced last week that will rival Apple’s Macbook in China.

Below is the statement made by company official about ‘how they describe Xiaomi VR Headset’.

Xiaomi VR Headset

Everything goes fine till now.  Cool denim look of VR Headset is really eye catching. It’s not a big innovation in VR Industry but it’s good to see these kind of changes. We still don’t know what specific features it has and how it’s going to compete with other VR Rival companies. Let’s wait till it comes in the market and see what MI VR play holds for us.

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