Have u ever met /seen a person who seemed strange to you just because they stay alone/lives alone or prefers to stay alone. Have you ever made fun of that person or just might have wondered why they want to be alone all the time or felt pity for them that they are incapable of finding friends and beginning a conversation. Or are you only that type of person.

Then hey!! This article is dedicated to all such people and it is completely normal and others can keep their pity, humor, astonishment and jokes aside because of it’s their life and their way of being happy.

I don’t say that this type of life is better than the ones who enjoy the company of friends but believe me this definitely has its own advantages and these people find solace in this kind of life only.

The list is as follows:

  • You get to know yourself better .You work on your talents, interests, goals and have more time to achieve them.
  • You think more about yourself rather than trying to please others and doing things which they are interested in.
  • You become more independent. You don’t need a company to go to places, for your personal work like shopping, hospital, office etc.
  • You are less likely to get hurt as you expect less/nothing from others and expectation is a major reason for problems in life. Also fewer fights and thus less tension and frustration. Others behavior don’t bother you.
  • You know the deeper meaning of life. You go on holidays, restaurants etc alone and enjoy the real beauty of places and taste of food rather than showing off others or making them envy.
  • Your ultimate aim is happiness and internal peace. You are not interested in posting stuff on social networking sites. Your life and feelings are for you to know which provides a mental peace and internal happiness.
  • You become more courageous, brave and your ability to handle problems increases as you always tackle problems of your life on your own. You become a stronger person.
  • Also, you can have cheat days and go partying occasionally with your acquaintances in office and college and enjoy their company as well sometimes.
  • You become more honest and truthful to yourself and analyze your life better. As you don’t have a bestie, you become your own bestie.
  • This can take you closer to God as you always believe there is a divine power helping you through your life and moving forward.

P.S.: There is no benefit of being lonely in a crowd and trying to be one of their kind.. It’s good being friendly and respectful to people around you but not necessarily being one of them. If your life is more peaceful and serene being alone that’s the way to go. Discover yourself and find real happiness.

Author: Vaishali 





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